The Revenge Of Kaivalya – Sumana Khan – A Review

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First of all, my heartfelt apologies for posting the review at the eleventh hour. I was having a busy vacation, lot of StyleBook posts to follow. Watch this space! Well, coming to the current post, thanks to Write Tribe and Sumana Khan for sending me this lovely book for review. This is my first book review via Write Tribe. The Revenge Of Kaivalya is a supernatural thriller that gave me chills and thrills at the right places, and if you think that this is yet another cheesy horror story then you are prejudging because this is not just a horror story. Continue reading



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I am proud to let you all know that I survived lived the AtoZ Challenge – Yeah, I am one of the many proud survivors of the AtoZ Challenge but then I prefer to say that I lived the challenge more than saying it as surviving. Here’s me proudly displaying my survivor badge – clicking on the badge will take you to the AtoZChallenge page.

survivor-atoz [2014]


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Seriously?? You don’t have anything else to talk to me?

An unexpected visitor (nosy-relative or a flirty-FB-acquaintance) piss me off with their “just-do-it-let-interrogate-stri-by-asking-these-questions” attitude.


  1. What do you write about?
  2. How come your Hindi is so good?
  3. Why don’t you reply to my chats?
  4. How come you are pretty, intelligent, and single?
  5. Why you pierced your nose on the left side?
  6. Why is your hair brown in color?
  7. You neither look South Indian nor North Indian. Where are you from?
  8. Why don’t you add sugar to your coffee?
  9. How come you are slim yet a foodie?
  10. Why you grow long nails?

Word Count: 100 (including the numbers)

~This is written for the following 3 prompts;

~Love & Cheers,


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Musings Of A Meticulous Mausi!

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Summer’s around the corner and yesterday I was ranting about the summer in my post here. Today it’s going to be another rant, however this time I am not venting my anger about the sun on the contrary it is about the summer holidays from a Mausi’s (Maternal Aunt’s) point of view.

Me & Rahul - He says he is my brother and not nephew :P :D

Me & Rahul – He says he is my brother and not nephew 😛 😀

Today I’ll begin refreshing my Engineering Graphics! Yeah, I am 23 and my nephew is 18 (weird?). He is a first year engineering student and he calls Engineering Graphics as a rapist that screws lives of many engineering students. I personally haven’t felt that EG was such a bad subject (thanks to my versatile EG Professor). When I said him that I was pretty good in EG and I used to top my class in all the CIE (Continuous Internal Examinations) he immediately appointed me as his EG tutor and with exams around the corner, I should start refreshing EG and put my heart and soul in making him excel in the same.

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What Would World Be Without Women??

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Happy Women’s Day Lovely Ladies!! A big hug and muaaah to all of you. Pat your back on my behalf.

Song I am listening to right now;

Song Name: Chup Chup Ke…

Album/Movie: Bunty Aur Babli

Language: Hindi

Singers: Sonu Nigam, Mahalaxmi Iyer

It's Our Day!

It’s Our Day!

As it is International Women’s Day (IWD) and also because Write Tribe: Festival of Love: Day 7’s prompt is about Women. I am abiding the rules and going to write about women. Do you know this year IWD’s theme is “inspiring change”. Thus, I will be writing about women and inspiration together. They both are synonyms aren’t they? Well, they are. If you want to contradict, get yourself a Cadbury Eclairs.

Today’s post is about the various women in my life and how influential & inspirational they are. I have listed top 5 influential women in my life. The list doesn’t end with the people mentioned alone, as I mentioned in my post on inspiration, I find inspiration from everyone and anyone still due to time and word constraints I wish to mention only about 5 people. Continue reading

Hash Tagged S(t)ri – Freestyle Fridays

Note from S(t)ri:

Damn, I have so much to share with you people. LOL, seriously (Wow, oxymoron). First and foremost, I wish an advanced Happy International Women’s Day to all the wonderful women readers and followers of I am S(t)ri. Do watch the Google Doodle, if you haven’t watched it yet.

This women’s day, you can hear me speak on a Radio Show in Hello FM 106.4. Tune in your FM, Mobile Radios, PC Streaming for FM at sharp 4:00 PM tomorrow i.e. March 8, 2014 to frequency 106.4. I am going to be on air (although it is a pre recorded program 😛 ) with 4 other vibrant girls and RJ Aloysius. Do listen to it and share your love, feedback in my blog and all the teasing in my inbox! I am already too excited and pampered as women’s day celebrations started in my office today itself. Did you see my #100HAPPYDAYS for today? Do see it here.

From today, with my every post I will add the song title, album of the song, and singer(s) of the song that I am listening to while publishing the post. A small attempt to connect to people with similar music taste.

Song that is ringing in my ears right now is

Song Name: Tum Se Hi

Movie/Album: Jab We Met

Language: Hindi

Singer: Mohit Chauhan


The Crazy Me - On Air :P :D

The Crazy Me – On Air 😛 😀

As of today’s blog post, it is going to be my response to Write Tribe: Festival of Words contest. It is a weeklong blogging challenge and today is Day 6. Today’s prompt is 55 words. The participants should write one or more stories of 55 words each. So here is my response to it.

Concept: About S(t)ri – Yeah, it’s about me! I so want to write about me 😛

Here is a series of Hash Tags about me with a short description (55 words exact). Continue reading

Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Festival of Words: Book Review


Source: The Literary Tree

Hi Folks,

Here I am with a book review after a really long time; I don’t generally post reviews be it a book, movie, or product unless it inspires me to share about it. However, today’s Write Tribe – Festival of Words has the prompt as “Book Review”. Therefore, I thought of writing a short and crispy (to the point) review about a Classic – yeah, a classic novel. I was recently gifted this book of Thomas Hardy by a friend and he thought it is high time for me to concentrate on reading classics. I used to read classics in school days but recently I paused reading them and shifted to contemporary writing. I take this opportunity to thank him for putting me back on track because Classics are my first love! Continue reading

Award for Love and Kindness – Blog Love

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Lao Tzu

I always adored this beautiful quote very much. I am so glad to inform that my good friend and a thoughtful fellow blogger Vishal has nominated me for “The Award for Love and Kindness”. Thanks a ton for this lovely award.

Vishal is one wonderful friend. He constantly motivates me and makes me to give out my best every time. He is someone whom I can ping anytime and ask for a help without even exchanging formal greetings. I have known him for some time now and we already share a lot of similar interests.

Do drop in at Vishal’s Blogospace at

Spread Love & Kindness!

Spread Love & Kindness!

This award has been created by Idealistic Rebel at Continue reading

The Spare Key!

Vijay never had a need to use the spare key to his apartment till today, for Shilpa is the caring, lovely, and dutiful wife. Shilpa always opened the door for him at exact time of his arrival; she enquires about his whereabouts, his health and food routine when he is on trips; these tiny gestures always made him feel that they both are this lovely couple who are compatible and complete. Today he thought of giving a little surprise to Shilpa by coming a day before than the pre planned date of return. Continue reading

He’s The Lucky One – 100 Words On Saturdays

Pooja’s mother Sulochana waited outside the ICU. Hospitals panic her always but today she had no other go than to wait outside as her daughter had a terrible accident. Moments later, the doctor said, “I’m sorry, I tried my level best”. She screamed, cried, and wept. Never in her worst nightmares had she expected this to happen.

After a couple of weeks, while she was in the hospital to collect bills and papers for insurance filing the doctor pointed a small boy who was at a distance and told, “He’s the lucky one who has your daughter’s heart now.”

~This short story of 100 words was written as a response to the prompt by Write Tribe: 100 words on Saturday 2014 – 7.

S(t)ri says: Donate Organs, Be immortal!

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

How I Wished – Write Tribe – 55 Fridays

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The Write Tribe’s 55 words on 3rd Fridays prompt for this month is “How I Wished”. Here are my responses for it.


My life is full of smoke and mirrors, Sanjay, my husband is having affair with his colleague. To add more pain as I reached home I saw my 5 year old daughter Sharmista crying. “What happened?” I asked. “This Gems pack doesn’t have blue color”. How I wished my worries were as simple as hers.


As I started to office, I called my sister (who stays in Hyderabad).

Me: Hello di

Sis: Hi dear

Me: Hey what are you up to?

Sis: Hey, I was just cooking Mint Rice, and onion Raitha.

Me: Damn, my favorite food.

Sis: I know right? How I wished you could be here for lunch.


Tanya came out of the airport with tears on her cheeks which resembled dew drops on a broad leaf. She thought “How I wished, I had proposed to you Shravan.” Few blocks away inside the plane Shravan saw Tanya’s picture on his phone wallpaper and wondered, “How I wished, I had proposed to you Tanya.”

All the three stories were written in precisely 55 words for the contest 55 on Friday – 2014 – 2

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

Love Begets Love – An Unusual Tale of Love & Affection

He stared at the wall bluntly, very bluntly. Rahul wasn’t crying, but he was sad; it was that kind of sadness which engulfs one’s body and enters into one’s mind and attacks the entire nervous system. He thought “Whoever said happiness is the only emotion which activates every single nerve is Mad.” Sadness activated every single nerve and every single blood cell in his body. He didn’t know what was more overpowering; sadness or anger, her going away or his inability to make her stay? She was gone, the love of his life was gone just like a passing cloud.

The Language Of Love

The Language Of Love

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Writers are Weird – Are(n’t) we?

Hi Folks,

Writers are Weird

Writers are Weird

This is my response to the prompt by Write Tribe about – Write 100 words without Thinking. Well, writers are weird creatures, aren’t we? It’s a big deal to make us stop thinking. This one prompt I just wrote from a real experience and not by thinking.

He was online but wasn’t replying. This was nothing new; we are not in serious relationship so things like these don’t bother us. However what bothered me was that Facebook showed he was typing for so long. After sometime he sent me a story – a short thriller.

Me: Awesome. Who wrote this?

He: Me, xD

Me: Why don’t you try writing more?

He: Nooo, I am lazy and also while writing this I had to think a lot, so many things ran around in my mind.

Me: That’s how a writer’s life is like – 1000 people’s thoughts in one mind.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

Life, Love, and the Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Sailesh sat next to Sanjana on the couch in his house. She brushed his hair softly and places her head gently on his shoulders and asked, “Can I lie on your shoulders?” He nodded with a little smile. As they munched the French fries in front of them she asked, “What do you think about us?” He didn’t reply for a moment, she titled her head and gazed at him. He kissed on her forehead and said, “I really like you but I am confused and I don’t think I can get into any relationship right now. Not even a casual one.” Sanjana’s face drooled a little and keeping a puppy face she asked, “Why so?” Continue reading