Contraception & the stigma attached to it

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I was at the pharmacy a couple of days back buying some over-the-counter ointments for an external injury in my skin. This pharmacy has an annoying habit of making people without prescriptions wait longer than the ones that have one. As I was waiting, I saw a guy come over to the pharmacy and ask for an iPill (emergency contraception). He was probably of my age, give or take a two. The next thing I noticed was some not-so-explict stares stares at him from the crowd, and the shop keeper ignoring him & doing his job of giving medicines to the people ahead of him.


This guy clearly seem to be not from my locality as he didn’t know that this pharmacy has a long waiting time or probably he has never been to this pharmacy before. He asked, “Anna, iPill iruka?” in a slightly louder tone, only to be hushed by the shopkeeper again. Continue reading


The Gift

Every time he hurt her, he got her a gift: a doll, a miniature Taj Mahal, and so on. Initially, it was a way to reconciliation. However, gradually, it became a routine.

He got used to the fact that he can do anything and get away with it by giving a gift. Those anythings included forced bondage sex and physical assault too. She didn’t give in easily, but that only made it worse.

Everyone blamed her for letting him do those to her; but what would she do when she thinks that she loves the guy who treats her like a slave. Above all, domestic violence isn’t as easy to handle as people with first world problems think it to be. One fine day, she left him. It wasn’t easy; witness protection program would have been easier than that.

Miles away, years later, her showcase was full of those gifts. People called her materialistic for taking those, but she wasn’t attached to those materials. Those were scars that remind her how broken she was, and how she battled through it to be the person she is now.

However, there was one gift that everyone wanted her to get rid off, but she didn’t, not because it was the costliest, but because that was the only gift she was attached to despite that fact that she never wanted that gift in the first place.

“Mom, can I go cycling?” her son asked. He had his eyes, and that was the only similarity.


10 Reasons Why A Woman Needs Another Woman And Not A Man (No Pun Intended)

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I have been going through a lot of posts on why a man needs a woman, or why every girl should have a boyfriend, etc, etc. It is like this, when you are single, all you see are happy couples and cuddly-wuddly posts, and when you are committed, all you see is happy singles. I am exactly in that phase, my timeline and life is filled with too much of cuddly-wuddly romantic people than I could handle. Okay, coming to the point, I am summing up a few reasons on why every woman needs another woman (Again, I am telling you, pun is not intended)…

women's day

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Mom & Me – The Journey from ‘Or’ to ‘And’ – #UseYourAnd

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I always say, “When I die, on my grave, engrave: Mommy’s Lil Girl.” While, conventionally, girls are their dad’s princesses, I have always been my mom’s knight. yeah. Princess is such a sweet, naive and meek term; knight defines me better. Let me run through a series of real-life scenes where my mom had been the pillar of my strength.

#1 Year 1997

I was in grade 3 and after school, it was really a tough task to manage between home works, hobbies, studies, and play time. However, I asked my mom once;

Me: Mom, I wanna join in Dance class.

My Aunt: But you are already in Carnatic singing class.

My Uncle: It’s okay, she can join bharathanatyam. It is good to learn both classical music and dance.

Me: No, I want to join in western dance.

My Uncle and Aunt: You can either be this OR that, either be traditional, which we prefer, or be a modern rebel, which we won’t support.

My mom: You can be both. Why this or that? You can continue with your carnatic singing and be a western dancer. None can judge you for your preferences.

Years later, now, I still love western dancing and carnatic music. Continue reading

Rapescars by Gaurav Sharma: A Book Review

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Thanks to Gaurav for a signed copy of this book. I received this book today for review from Reader Cosmos, and I completed this 151 page fiction novel in 90 minutes. Despite having a headache and feverish feeling, I couldn’t put this book down, thanks to the topic of this book RAPE. I was very much interested in this book, as soon as I got it.

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Two Scoops of Work Life with Some Hot Feminism Sauce

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I, previously, wrote a blog post titled “A cup of sex with a scoop of feminism,” about gender bias when it comes to virginity and sexual desires. If you ask me, “Is this going to be a series of feminism posts?” My frank answer would be, “I don’t know.” So, as of now, let’s keep it as just another post. I am a lucky person; yes, I am really a lucky person. I was brought by my feminist mom, with ample amount of independence. I work in a place, where men are chivalrous, and timings are flexible. People who know these things about me ask, “Then, why do you even talk about feminism? In your shoes, you are already enjoying being a female.” Well, I don’t deny it, but it is not just about me. It is about every single female out there; hence, this post.

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Akshaya Tritiya aka Aha Teej festival has some sensitive and personal memories of mine attached to it. Exactly 10 years back on the Akshaya Tritiya day of the year 2004, I was happily enjoying the beautiful diamond studded necklace that my paternal uncle and aunt gifted me. This particular paternal uncle and aunt had no issues, so they considered me as their own daughter and bestowed me with love, care, and of course lot of gifts. It was around 9AM in the morning and I was feeling unbearable pain on my tummy. I cursed my mom for giving me too much pooris for the breakfast, she suggested me to take some chaas (butter milk) since she thought that it might be heat of my body that caused the stomach pain. Every after drinking one huge glass full of chaas, my tummy was still aching and I don’t if it was my illusion or if it was real, my tummy was aching even more than before. When I went to the loo, to my surprise I was urinating blood, or was it something else? I was confused and tears rolled down my cheeks. Continue reading

Top 10 Types Of Male Friends/Acquaintances That I Have Come Across

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Ever noticed how all women’s problems begin with men? MENtal illness….MENstrual cramps… MENtal breakdown… MENopause… LOL, Men are inevitable part of my life. I mostly have to deal with men both in professional and personal life. I thought why not categorize them? Well, read on! If you have a weak heart, sensitive, or suffer from MCP syndrome then read the disclaimers at the end of the post first. If not, then keep reading!

Men & Me!

Men & Me!

1. Johny Bravos:

Have you watched this show in Cartoon Network? If so then you would have guessed what I mean by this type. They are the ones who try to hit on me, if not possible then try to hit on my friends through me. However, sadly only they try, try, try, and keep trying. Mostly these people are single and trying! Continue reading

What Would World Be Without Women??

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Happy Women’s Day Lovely Ladies!! A big hug and muaaah to all of you. Pat your back on my behalf.

Song I am listening to right now;

Song Name: Chup Chup Ke…

Album/Movie: Bunty Aur Babli

Language: Hindi

Singers: Sonu Nigam, Mahalaxmi Iyer

It's Our Day!

It’s Our Day!

As it is International Women’s Day (IWD) and also because Write Tribe: Festival of Love: Day 7’s prompt is about Women. I am abiding the rules and going to write about women. Do you know this year IWD’s theme is “inspiring change”. Thus, I will be writing about women and inspiration together. They both are synonyms aren’t they? Well, they are. If you want to contradict, get yourself a Cadbury Eclairs.

Today’s post is about the various women in my life and how influential & inspirational they are. I have listed top 5 influential women in my life. The list doesn’t end with the people mentioned alone, as I mentioned in my post on inspiration, I find inspiration from everyone and anyone still due to time and word constraints I wish to mention only about 5 people. Continue reading

This is what it looks like when you’re looking at me! – Freestyle Fridays

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So my favorite corner of my blog is here. Freestyle Fridays are my most favorite in my blog. Although I write on different topics and categories, it is this section that gives me most freedom. Furthermore, in this section only I generally rant, vent, and ramble. Recently I came across the lovely video (that is added beneath this post); I started to like it immediately. This is indeed a real eye-opener for many men and at times women (no, no I don’t mean that way – I meant women who slut shame women or rate other women based on clothes).

Respect Women - Treat Us Equally!

Respect Women – Treat Us Equally!

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Angels called Girl BFFs – Muaaah Mondays (MM) 2

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Muaaah Mondays! Yeah! What a romantic name for my blog post category. Yes, indeed to brush away those Monday blues I preferred to name this as Monday category in a little muaaah way! If you are too naïve to know what is muaaah (I hope no one is so naïve) it means kisses.

Mondays will be dedicated to all those people who are kissable in my life and in the other people’s life too. Last Monday it was about My Doppelganger My BFF! And this week’s is going to be about My Girl BFFs.

One of my colleagues suggested me to write about girl-girl friendships. So here it goes dear!

Women are from Venus – If you think Roman Goddess Venus is known for beauty, love and charm I hope you are forgetting the fact that Venus’s surface is a dry desert scrape scattered with slab-like rocks and periodically refreshed by volcanism and the surface temperature of Venus is approximately 462 degree centigrade. So we women can be soft and sweet as well as rough and tough. Continue reading


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I am S(t)ri is a blog that has been my dream for so long. Inspired by I am She of the dashing Sushmitha Sen I have named this blog I am S(t)ri which means I am Woman (Stri) and also I am Sri (Sri is my name). This blog will be fully concentrated on women and stuffs related to them. Oh wait! that doesn’t mean you men should back off! The major stuff related to women is men so there will be a lot of posts for you and about you. Stay tuned with this blog for everything Stri needs.

Cheers n Luv,