The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

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“What happened?” asked Kalyani.

“What? Nothing happened” said Lakshmi and looked at Sahana as if asking for her approval. Sahana kept a puppy face and nodded innocently.

“Why is she sneezing? Did you people buy her ice cream?”

“NO” said all of them in unison!

Somehow Lakshmi’s mother seemed to drop the topic finally after she heard her milk cooker whistle loudly.

After a week, Lakshmi was getting ready to college. She was looking angelic in the white full sleeved salwar kameez.

Sahana gasped, “Wow, you are beautiful”.

“Thanks, you are cute too.”

“When I grow up I want to be like you.”

“You will be more beautiful than me by the way how come you aren’t getting ready yet?”

“It’s leave for me.”


“Study leave”

“What? Study leave?”


“What did you achieve to have a study leave?”

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The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

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“Aaaahhh you brat” he screamed as Sahana bit his hands sharply. Lakshmi used this opportunity to pull Sahana away from him and kick on his balls precisely. He groaned in pain and people started surrounding. A middle aged man came near Lakshmi and asked, “Are you okay?” As he tried to come close to her a bossy and dominating voice said, “She is okay, you were smoking when this man tried to kill me and now you are acting like as if you saved her.” Everyone stared at Sahana who was spitting and rubbing her teeth. Lakshmi told softly, “don’t spit on road.” “I feel irritated after biting him, nasty taste.” Everyone laughed and their laughter silenced as Sahana stared back at them. Seeing their sympathetic glances she was more irritated. Vijay, the bulky huge bully woke up from the ground and stared at Lakshmi and the crowd as he walked away. Few of the men gave ideas to hand him over to the police however another bossy voice said, “What is the use, he is in film industry. He will come out just like that.” Lakshmi saw Meenama, her housemaid standing there. She said, “Just now I saw the crowd and came in dear. He was troubling you again, wasn’t he?” “Ya” said Lakshmi feebly. Continue reading

The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays

Hi Folks,

I am actually too busy with writing blogs, office, wedding planning, and something secretive also. Thus, I hardly have any time to do the craft works which I dedicated for time pass Tuesdays. Sad isn’t it? So I decided to write a series of short stories or shall we call it stories that are short and will have its sequel in the next time pass Tuesday? Yeah, that’s right. Presenting you my Blog-Novel and the Novel is titled “The Unbreakable Bond”.

Chapter 1 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

Read the other chapters here

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Dance Like Noone is Watching – Time pass Tuesdays

Hi Folks,

This Time pass Tuesday I wish to write a post about one of the most weird and Stupid Time pass incident of my life. Of course you will get more posts on crafts and arts in the forthcoming weeks. I saw this picture recently in FB and thus I remembered this incident.


Dance, Love, Sing, Live

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Save Trees! Save Girl Child – Reader Requested Blog post – Time pass Tuesdays 8

Hi Folks,



This is a blog post based on a frequent reader’s request. He asked me to give my views on the two topics namely the Save Trees and Save Girl Child. So here is my precise and concise views. I have added this in time pass Tuesdays categories although this is not actually a Time pass still this can be a great passion or hobby.




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Cool Jean Bags – Time pass Tuesdays 7

Hi Folks,

We girls can never feel enough about anything right? We never get satisfied easily be it kisses, hugs, chocolates, bags, accessories, dresses, shoes we want a lots and lots of them. I am no exception, I thought of why not make a cool jean bag out of my old pair of denims? Thus I ended up with this. Last week I demonstrated on how to make denim mobile pouches in Time pass Tuesdays 6. This week lets explore how to make a jean bag as shown.



The Bag made by me from an old jeans 🙂


  • An old pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine or needle and thick thread.
  • Old Fabric
  • Old Accessories (Optional)
  • Zip/Button Magenet
  • Fabric Glue.


The method is quite simple. All you got to do are these 5 simple steps.

  1. Cut the jean on the back pocket area as in the pic, cut a similar cloth from the thigh area of jeans for the other side (avoid using slim-fit jeans).
  2. Now sew them together from inside.
  3. Make a belt or thick tape out of some left out fabric and sew it on the mouth of your bag for enriched look.
  4. Add accessories like charms, chains, embroidery flowers, hearts etc. to enrich the look.
  5. Stick button magnets or zip with a fabric glue to close the mouth if your bag.

That’s it, you are done. Now you can have your own bag that you made.

Try this out folks,

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

Cool Mobile Pouches – Recycle Your Old Denims – Time pass Tuesdays 6

Hi Folks,

I had a too cool weekend; you might have known it from my yesterday’s post. Thus, I planned to make a bigger craft work like a bag or something but I couldn’t thus I ended up with what I consider as a cool mobile pouch for my lovely little Lumia.


The front and back view of the denim pouch I made

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Monster Utility Stand – Time pass Tuesdays – 5

Hi Folks,

Are you one among the lot who buys shampoo in bottles? Well, most of us buy that way don’t we? Actually one of my friends enlightened me that buying bottled shampoo is costlier than sachet ones. Yeah! I always thought the bigger the better but it isn’t so. The sachet of Sunsilk is approximately 8ml sold at INR 2. The 100ml bottle is sold for INR 59. If you had bought the shampoo in sachet for that 100ml it would cost you INR 26 for 13 sachets (104ml in total). However, I am comfortable in getting a bottle; reason 1 – my brand and my flavor of the shampoo don’t have a sachet, reason 2 – I wash my hair often, I might forget to get sachets or if I bought in lump someone or other might as well use it (my family members don’t dare to touch if it is a bottle – I don’t why they don’t use my bottled shampoo but take away my sachets 😛 ). So, if you are one like me who is worried about using shampoo in bottles but can’t help it then here is the way. You can make this simple monster utility stand from your used shampoo bottles.


Monster Utility Stand Which I Made – I use it as my cosmetics holder.

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Art from Waste – A Pretty Flower Vase cum Pen Holder – Time Pass Tuesdays 4

Hi Folks,

Being a girl and using so many and not so many creams, lotions, shampoos, leaves you with an enormous load of waste empty bottles. Previously, my mom used to throw it to the waster-paper-plastic-vendor who in turn pays her money or some other handy vessels, etc. However, I always felt that was again a waste. For some 20-30 bottles, she gets may be 20 bucks. Therefore, I decided that I am throwing away the bottles to vendors like how she does. That’s when these constructive ideas popped up. Always my mom has admired beautiful desk accessories, vases, etc in my friends’ and relatives’ houses. Continue reading

Corner Bookmarks :)) – TT – 3

Hi Folks,

This Time pass Tuesday I am going to share my craft hobby with you. Mostly this TT section will be about the various things that I have tried and experimented as a hobby. It can be anything under the sun. Knitting, Novels, Craft, Art, Dance, etc. Last night I tried with these Corner Bookmarks (bookmarks to be set on the top corner of your books) and thought I would share it with you.


Corner Bookmarks

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Review of “The One You Cannot Have” – A Novel by Preeti Shenoy

Hi Folks,

Okay! This time it is no craft or art work display. This week’s Time pass Tuesday is about my review of the latest novel by Preeti Shenoy. “The One You Cannot Have”.

The One You Cannot Have is a fiction novel by famous author Preeti Shenoy. She is a talented and renowned author to many but to me she is more than that she is a role model, a mentor, a fabulous person. I have admired all her works (yeah, she apart from writing does paper quiling, mixed media and portraits also). She is author of five best sellers, blogger, mother of two lovely kids (well one is a teen now), Nature Lover, Ted X Speaker. I have been influenced by her since college days (I attend her Ted X talks). She is a woman who makes other women want to be her. Continue reading

Five Fabulous And Fascinating Hobbies To Take Up! – TT2

Hi Folks,

Although I am just in the starting stage of my blogging career am overwhelmed by massive responses of my friends in my Facebook inbox. Thank you all. I request you to share your thoughts over here in the comments section also. Thanks once again for your support.

Owing to few requests from my friends I have decided to follow one niche per day (for instance Time pass Tuesdays). However the details of the same would be published soon. As of now, I will start with today’s post. It is about five efficient and different hobbies to try. Although I guess many women will be interested in these hobbies, men may also find them really interesting.

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