Life Mantras: A Book Review

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This book is long pending to be reviewed. Due to some personal issues, I had been having a delay in many blog posts. Anyway, without further rants from my side, here is a crisp review:


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Right Now, Now, Now!!! – #SecondChance

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Sometimes #SecondChance is the best gift you can give to others. But, what if there is no #SecondChance to give? I used to keep procrastinating things a lot, even things that I love. However, there was one incident that made me change my attitude towards life.

A few years ago, while I was sight-seeing in Mahabalipuram, I was climbing on a rock to click some pictures and booom! I lost grip and fell down from the rock. Krish was next to me, but he couldn’t hold me as this happened in a fraction of a second. Luckily, there was a guy walking beneath that rock who caught me in his arms. We both stumbled a little, but I wasn’t hurt even a little. After thanking him, when I sat down, I saw that there was a sharp, huge stone on the place where I would have fallen if the guy was not there. I might have been dead, or worse had some medical disorder. I wouldn’t have been a writer, you might not have been reading this blog of mine. That’s when I realized that life gave me a second chance, but will it always give a second chance? Well, no!

From then on, I was a changed person and I know it. I stop surviving and I started living. I changed my career to my passion, I let go of people who drained me, I started traveling more. After this incident, I could have done two things, either sit and home and be afraid, very afraid, or throw away the inhibitions and live life to the fullest. I chose the latter.

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A slice of life, with a spreading of maturity

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As the year comes to an end, I look back to see what a ride it has been. Being an extrovert at times takes a toll on me; it rarely gives me a personal space. However, there had been few evenings, where I sat back and thought where my life was heading too and was it worth? On one such intellectual contemplation period, I realized that may be I am not the girl that I dreamed of becoming. The immediate question in one’s mind would be, “What was the girl I dreamed of becoming?” The frank answer would be, “I don’t remember.” We all had dreams and still have dreams. Just like any child or teen, I dreamed of a fairy-tale life. Yes, people who know me in the recent years will never buy that, but the truth is that even I once dreamed of “happily-ever-after.”

dsc_0149.jpgCertain dreams can never be a reality, no matter how hard we try. This was one such dream. I casually confessed to my mom, “Mom, I didn’t become the girl I dreamed of becoming, when I was 13.” She looked at me, and I continued, “I dreamed of finding a Prince Charming, have a simple house, and be a doctor.” I don’t remember if those were the only dreams I had, but those summarizes my whole teenage-dream. My mom who was quiet till then said, “Yes, you didn’t become the girl you dreamed of, but you became the woman, I aspired my daughter to become.” I thought for a moment, yes, she was right. I was no more a girl, who dreamed of silly things; I am a woman, who relishes what I have. Continue reading

50 Simple Life Lessons, Which I Learnt When I Turned 24!

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Spicy Saturday

BA’s Spicy Saturday Pick

I am been striking off things on my bucket list 😉 With this post, it is one more down.

Life teaches lessons to every one of us; some lessons are harsh, some are funny, and some are obvious, but it does teach us something valuable. Here is a compilation of some of the lessons that I learnt from my life of 24 years.

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What Stri Writes On Her Diary???

Have you ever written a diary? How do you feel about it now? Do you ever read it? What is your relationship with your diary? #MyDiary

I was skipping IndiSpire Prompts for a while due to excessive workload and today is one of the days I was feeling as if I had some verbal Viagra and I want to keep posting. As I was happily checking out the IndiSpire edition of this week, I heart skipped a beat because this was exactly something I wanted to write about. Read on!

I took a new year resolution this year that I will write diary every single day but then my resolutions lie always “Bhadh mein gaya” (Went to hell/collapsed/backfired). However, I do have written a lot of diary entries since childhood, some preserved safely, some destroyed over time, some shared into stories, and many entries that I could neither save, nor throw away. Continue reading

The Dress Therapy – Analysis on Love & Compatibility!

Love & Compatibility

Love & Compatibility

Nirosha stood in the middle on the two way road in front of Olympia Tech Park, Guindy. She had crossed one of the roads and waited to cross the other road. Her phone buzzed with “tu bin bataye”, she knew it was Sushma, her best friend. When your best friend calls you should attend the call even if that will cost your life – that is the unsaid rule of friendship. It might be silly but Sushma’s call is important to her than any other thing in the world. She swiped the screen to answer and said, “Hello”. Sushma responded in a vivacious voice, “Where are you? Reached Office or what?” “Yet to, honey. Just few steps away from office. Wait! I am about to cross the road” said Nirosha in a hasty manner. She tried to cross the road as fast as she could and said “Hey, am back, tell me now” on the phone. Continue reading

Some People Walk In The Rain, Others Just Get Wet!! – Muaaah Mondays

Rain & Music - Elixir of Life

Rain & Music – Elixir of Life

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I was too tired from the travel and vacation! I have uploaded couple of graduation day pictures on my facebook profile and one of my friends have tagged me on the vacation pictures, you can check it in my facebook profile. I planned to write about the vacation but the story is stored for something bigger. After 3 days of vacation and terrible travel sickness, I am sitting here with headache, stomach pain, and writer’s block. So I ping my best friend and asked him to give me a prompt and he promptly told “Rain”. I came across this Roger Miller’s quote and thought to write about it. I added one more clause from a friend who asked me to start my story with “The hallway was silent”. Continue reading

Life, Love, and the Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Sailesh sat next to Sanjana on the couch in his house. She brushed his hair softly and places her head gently on his shoulders and asked, “Can I lie on your shoulders?” He nodded with a little smile. As they munched the French fries in front of them she asked, “What do you think about us?” He didn’t reply for a moment, she titled her head and gazed at him. He kissed on her forehead and said, “I really like you but I am confused and I don’t think I can get into any relationship right now. Not even a casual one.” Sanjana’s face drooled a little and keeping a puppy face she asked, “Why so?” Continue reading

Just A Bowl Of Cherries


Life is just a bowl of cherries 🙂

Tapasya was standing in her balcony and sipping her green tea, she stared at the opposite house. It was abandoned except for two parrots in the cage. Tears dribbled down her cheeks and she brushed them off before they could reach her lips. She stared at her Fastrack watch, the two hands of the watch pointed in opposite directions to denote it was 6:00 AM. She remembered what Raj uncle told her about the hands of the watch long time ago. It was 10 years back and she was just 13 at that time; she cried and went inside Raj & Hema’s house. Raj and Hema are one of the sweet neighbors of Tapasya. They were Christians and the fact that Tapasya’s family was staunch Brahmins didn’t stop her from being close to them. Continue reading

35 Muaaah Moments – MM 3

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This Muaaah Monday I am going to share 35 Muaah moments in my life. You might have experienced them too or after reading this you may wish to experience it too. So here it goes…

  1. Early morning walk in the beach!
  2. Drinking mom-made coffee while sitting on the parapet wall of my balcony.
  3. That steaming hot water bath with aromatic body wash.
  4. Loving someone unconditionally.
  5. Riding a cycle on a road with trees all along the sides of the street. Continue reading