Six Degrees – Game Of Blogs: A Book Review

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You know you are an avid book reviewer, and your review opinions are unbiased and that they matter, when you receive the book you co-authored for your review. Ha! Yes, this is my book that I have on my review table today. Before getting into the review, as an co-author for this book, some of the questions that I faced from my blog followers and friends were, “Why is this book expensive?” “Why is it not available in stores yet?” “Did you write the whole book?” “Did you edit it?” Well, to start with, this book is a child of 3 teams, each team had 8-10 writers. The book is expensive because it has not one but three 30,000 words novella in it. It is available in Amazon, Flipkart, and other sites, and it will be available in the stores very soon. Of the three stories, I co-authored the story titled “Entangled Lives.”

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Uzhe Videli

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As a part of a blog tag contest (details are at the end of this post) I am penning this chapter to complete a story that was started by good friend, Dhivya Balaji. To understand this chapter, you need to read these:

Chapters: #1|#2|#3|#4|#5|#6|#7|#8|#9|#10|#11|#12

Thanks for the tag, Kishor LN.

Chapter 13

The family huddled together as Ashok turned his gaze back to the wall like he always does when he narrates a story.

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“Your mom and I were in the same college. I liked her the very first time I saw her. However, I was really scared to ask her out,” said Ashok with a sigh.

“Why?” Priya blurted the question out of inquisitiveness.

“You are such a Pochemuchka, aren’t you, Priya?” asked her dad and Priya nodded smiling. Continue reading Freebie Haul & L’affair Aqua 3 Step Skin Renewal Mask Review

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I recently had a chance to collaborate with Most of us have been hearing about Korean Skincare. I first heard about it from my blogger friend, Sindhu. So, when this chance of collaboration with Skin18 came, I was curious and happy.

Firstly, have a look at the products they sent me.

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The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

Read the other chapters here.


“What happened?” asked Kalyani.

“What? Nothing happened” said Lakshmi and looked at Sahana as if asking for her approval. Sahana kept a puppy face and nodded innocently.

“Why is she sneezing? Did you people buy her ice cream?”

“NO” said all of them in unison!

Somehow Lakshmi’s mother seemed to drop the topic finally after she heard her milk cooker whistle loudly.

After a week, Lakshmi was getting ready to college. She was looking angelic in the white full sleeved salwar kameez.

Sahana gasped, “Wow, you are beautiful”.

“Thanks, you are cute too.”

“When I grow up I want to be like you.”

“You will be more beautiful than me by the way how come you aren’t getting ready yet?”

“It’s leave for me.”


“Study leave”

“What? Study leave?”


“What did you achieve to have a study leave?”

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The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

Read the other chapters here.

“Aaaahhh you brat” he screamed as Sahana bit his hands sharply. Lakshmi used this opportunity to pull Sahana away from him and kick on his balls precisely. He groaned in pain and people started surrounding. A middle aged man came near Lakshmi and asked, “Are you okay?” As he tried to come close to her a bossy and dominating voice said, “She is okay, you were smoking when this man tried to kill me and now you are acting like as if you saved her.” Everyone stared at Sahana who was spitting and rubbing her teeth. Lakshmi told softly, “don’t spit on road.” “I feel irritated after biting him, nasty taste.” Everyone laughed and their laughter silenced as Sahana stared back at them. Seeing their sympathetic glances she was more irritated. Vijay, the bulky huge bully woke up from the ground and stared at Lakshmi and the crowd as he walked away. Few of the men gave ideas to hand him over to the police however another bossy voice said, “What is the use, he is in film industry. He will come out just like that.” Lakshmi saw Meenama, her housemaid standing there. She said, “Just now I saw the crowd and came in dear. He was troubling you again, wasn’t he?” “Ya” said Lakshmi feebly. Continue reading

Hash Tagged S(t)ri – Freestyle Fridays

Note from S(t)ri:

Damn, I have so much to share with you people. LOL, seriously (Wow, oxymoron). First and foremost, I wish an advanced Happy International Women’s Day to all the wonderful women readers and followers of I am S(t)ri. Do watch the Google Doodle, if you haven’t watched it yet.

This women’s day, you can hear me speak on a Radio Show in Hello FM 106.4. Tune in your FM, Mobile Radios, PC Streaming for FM at sharp 4:00 PM tomorrow i.e. March 8, 2014 to frequency 106.4. I am going to be on air (although it is a pre recorded program 😛 ) with 4 other vibrant girls and RJ Aloysius. Do listen to it and share your love, feedback in my blog and all the teasing in my inbox! I am already too excited and pampered as women’s day celebrations started in my office today itself. Did you see my #100HAPPYDAYS for today? Do see it here.

From today, with my every post I will add the song title, album of the song, and singer(s) of the song that I am listening to while publishing the post. A small attempt to connect to people with similar music taste.

Song that is ringing in my ears right now is

Song Name: Tum Se Hi

Movie/Album: Jab We Met

Language: Hindi

Singer: Mohit Chauhan


The Crazy Me - On Air :P :D

The Crazy Me – On Air 😛 😀

As of today’s blog post, it is going to be my response to Write Tribe: Festival of Words contest. It is a weeklong blogging challenge and today is Day 6. Today’s prompt is 55 words. The participants should write one or more stories of 55 words each. So here is my response to it.

Concept: About S(t)ri – Yeah, it’s about me! I so want to write about me 😛

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The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

Read the other chapters here.

“There is no use in accusing her. All these embarrassments are because of your upbringing. Don’t you feel ashamed to have brought up a daughter in such an immoral way? What else can I expect from a rural, ignorant woman like you?” Shankaranathan’s voice lingered in to Kalyani’s ears constantly. Her worst fear came true when he had seen Lakshmi outside with her friends. She wiped her tears with the end of her Saree as she made rotis.

Lakshmi quietly entered in to the house unaware of the fact that her house just witnessed an earthquake in form of her father. She stealthily went inside the kitchen and she was aghast seeing her mother in tears. “What happened amma?” “Nothing.” Lakshmi was genuinely worried, “Say ma, what happened?” Sahana replied, “Dad saw you with your friends while you were sharing and eating ice cream with your friends.” Continue reading

The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

Read the other chapters here.

“Hey girls, I just dropped some coins accidently, please help me find it” said Shankar. Lalitha promptly bent down to search for it while Lakshmi and Swathi pulled her up and questioned Shankar, “Why don’t you guys help us find the twenty rupees note which we accidentally dropped?” All of them giggled as the sensual “ennule ennule” song was played. The next 4 minutes 55 seconds went slow, almost slow with occasional giggles from the guys and blushes from the girls. After the movie got over Lakshmi stated in an angry voice, “Waste of money, we could have gone elsewhere.” The guys however were so happy about the movie. Shankar said, “Well, the one song deserves all the money we paid and even more. What say guys?” Saravanan nodded obediently and added “Yeah, and Rajini was mass in the movie. Thalaivar was terrific even in such an old man role.” Continue reading

Get Engrossed In The Redolence Of Engage Deodorants – Trendy Thursdays

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Long time since I blogged, ain’t it? It was totally writing and not blogging 😛 Well, I am concentrating on short stories, prompts, etc that I may not update the conventional blogs which I used to do before. However, today I am taking some time to blog about a deodorant and give reviews about it. I am this girl who will go to the health & glow store, pick a mauve colored Nike deodorant and check out. However, this little fashion freak demon in my mind popped out one year back and made me try the other deodorants so I went on this deodorant buying spree and tried almost 20+ deodorants in one year. End result? I ended up with Nike. Since none of them were satisfying. However, my sister asked me to try Engage deodorant and review for her, she goes by my review on her cosmetics and vice versa. So I got this deodorant and reviewed. Generally all the deodorants I tried will be at 3 or less on a scale of 5. So I won’t suggest them to anyone, however this one made me put a blog on the review. Why? Read on!

Engage Deodorants

Engage Deodorants – Source: S(t)ri’s Click

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The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

Read the other chapters here

Kalyani was cleaning utensils in the Kitchen while she heard her husband shrieking, “Why isn’t Lakshmi home yet?” Kalyani gazed at the watch it was 3:20 PM and Lakshmi should have reached home by 2:30 PM after her classes today. She thought for a while, “What kept her from coming home? May be she had special classes – not a possibility, she always had free hours. Well, she would have gone for a movie, which will be the only reason which kept her long”. Thinking about this she said back to her husband, “She will come in a while. She said she had special classes.” She just hoped Lakshmi reaches before he asks again. Continue reading

Magic Of Sweeping Somebody Off Their Feet – My Thoughts on Love & Life

Love - Changes Ordinary to Extraordinary

Love – Changes Ordinary to Extraordinary

Snigdha was standing in the delivery counter of Gangotree in the basement floor of Express Avenue. She was waiting for the yummy Dahi Puri to be delivered. As she was tapping her fingers impatiently on the glass panel near her and suddenly she heard her phone buzzing with “Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu – Ro Rahi Hoon Mein”. Without even glancing at the mobile she knew it was her sister Payal. This was a ringtone that she has kept exclusively for her sister. She tapped the answer option in her Lumia and said “Heyyy di”

Payal: Hey Where are you?

Snigdha: In Express Avenue. You? Continue reading

Writers are Weird – Are(n’t) we?

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Writers are Weird

Writers are Weird

This is my response to the prompt by Write Tribe about – Write 100 words without Thinking. Well, writers are weird creatures, aren’t we? It’s a big deal to make us stop thinking. This one prompt I just wrote from a real experience and not by thinking.

He was online but wasn’t replying. This was nothing new; we are not in serious relationship so things like these don’t bother us. However what bothered me was that Facebook showed he was typing for so long. After sometime he sent me a story – a short thriller.

Me: Awesome. Who wrote this?

He: Me, xD

Me: Why don’t you try writing more?

He: Nooo, I am lazy and also while writing this I had to think a lot, so many things ran around in my mind.

Me: That’s how a writer’s life is like – 1000 people’s thoughts in one mind.

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I am S(t)ri

Moong Dal Aur Pyayz ka Pakora (Green Gram & Spring Onion Pakora)

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Pakoda - Source Wikipedia

Pakoda – Source Wikipedia

Many of you know me as S(t)ri – the blogger, writer, fashion freak, feminist, so on, and so forth. However, I am also this lovely little girl who tries a lot of things in kitchen. I have been cooking for past 12+ years, yeah I started cooking as early as when I was in 12th grade and I try variety of cuisines always. Why I don’t blog about them? Well, firstly cooking is not really my passion, secondly I really don’t get time to cook new varieties, click photos, and post them and finally there are lot of blogs dedicated for these purposes and one of my favorite is Padhu’s Kitchen and Aparna’s Kitchen. Continue reading

Life, Love, and the Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Sailesh sat next to Sanjana on the couch in his house. She brushed his hair softly and places her head gently on his shoulders and asked, “Can I lie on your shoulders?” He nodded with a little smile. As they munched the French fries in front of them she asked, “What do you think about us?” He didn’t reply for a moment, she titled her head and gazed at him. He kissed on her forehead and said, “I really like you but I am confused and I don’t think I can get into any relationship right now. Not even a casual one.” Sanjana’s face drooled a little and keeping a puppy face she asked, “Why so?” Continue reading

Just A Bowl Of Cherries


Life is just a bowl of cherries 🙂

Tapasya was standing in her balcony and sipping her green tea, she stared at the opposite house. It was abandoned except for two parrots in the cage. Tears dribbled down her cheeks and she brushed them off before they could reach her lips. She stared at her Fastrack watch, the two hands of the watch pointed in opposite directions to denote it was 6:00 AM. She remembered what Raj uncle told her about the hands of the watch long time ago. It was 10 years back and she was just 13 at that time; she cried and went inside Raj & Hema’s house. Raj and Hema are one of the sweet neighbors of Tapasya. They were Christians and the fact that Tapasya’s family was staunch Brahmins didn’t stop her from being close to them. Continue reading