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Note from S(t)ri:

Damn, I have so much to share with you people. LOL, seriously (Wow, oxymoron). First and foremost, I wish an advanced Happy International Women’s Day to all the wonderful women readers and followers of I am S(t)ri. Do watch the Google Doodle, if you haven’t watched it yet.

This women’s day, you can hear me speak on a Radio Show in Hello FM 106.4. Tune in your FM, Mobile Radios, PC Streaming for FM at sharp 4:00 PM tomorrow i.e. March 8, 2014 to frequency 106.4. I am going to be on air (although it is a pre recorded program 😛 ) with 4 other vibrant girls and RJ Aloysius. Do listen to it and share your love, feedback in my blog and all the teasing in my inbox! I am already too excited and pampered as women’s day celebrations started in my office today itself. Did you see my #100HAPPYDAYS for today? Do see it here.

From today, with my every post I will add the song title, album of the song, and singer(s) of the song that I am listening to while publishing the post. A small attempt to connect to people with similar music taste.

Song that is ringing in my ears right now is

Song Name: Tum Se Hi

Movie/Album: Jab We Met

Language: Hindi

Singer: Mohit Chauhan


The Crazy Me - On Air :P :D

The Crazy Me – On Air 😛 😀

As of today’s blog post, it is going to be my response to Write Tribe: Festival of Words contest. It is a weeklong blogging challenge and today is Day 6. Today’s prompt is 55 words. The participants should write one or more stories of 55 words each. So here is my response to it.

Concept: About S(t)ri – Yeah, it’s about me! I so want to write about me 😛

Here is a series of Hash Tags about me with a short description (55 words exact). Continue reading


This is what it looks like when you’re looking at me! – Freestyle Fridays

Hi Folks,

So my favorite corner of my blog is here. Freestyle Fridays are my most favorite in my blog. Although I write on different topics and categories, it is this section that gives me most freedom. Furthermore, in this section only I generally rant, vent, and ramble. Recently I came across the lovely video (that is added beneath this post); I started to like it immediately. This is indeed a real eye-opener for many men and at times women (no, no I don’t mean that way – I meant women who slut shame women or rate other women based on clothes).

Respect Women - Treat Us Equally!

Respect Women – Treat Us Equally!

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That Little Feeling Called Nostalgia – Freestyle Fridays

Hi Folks,

This Freestyle Friday I am presenting you a short story which is a piece of fiction written by me. Recently, I received my graduation day invitation and apparently I came up with this imagination. This is not my story but indeed this can be anyone’s story since it is a fiction with lots of real time thoughts embedded in it.

Shristy was standing in her balcony with a mug full of steaming coffee. She woke up quite early that day and she was relieved that she needn’t rush to her office like other days where she generally had gotten up late. As she was sipping her coffee, her Xperia buzzed with a new e-mail notification. She opened the mail and held her breath for a moment in happiness. It was her graduation day invitation mail. She felt extremely happy for various reasons. She quickly dialed her best friend Sharmista’s number to confirm the same. Sharmista stays in Bangalore while Shristy stays in Chennai. They both had got placed in Accenture but both preferred different workplaces. Sharmista was still sleeping, she replied with a vague and sleepy “hello”. Shristy informed her about the graduation day and Sharmista woke up with a jerk of happiness. She was overwhelmed not because of the degree but of the idea of meeting Shristy. After some ten minutes of happy talk, Shristy hanged up the call since she had to leave for work.


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Periods – Chums – Menstruation – Little Visitor – Oh Come on let’s talk about this! – Freestyle Fridays

Hi Folks,


Female Woes

This is a post requested by one of the readers (apparently and surprisingly, a male reader). So almost everyone of you would have guessed what I am going to ramble about in this post. Yes, it is indeed about periods or to be precise the menstruation process. All you male readers who are about to close the window, just stop. This is indeed for you. My friend (the blog follower who asked me to write about this), gave me a beautiful article to check with as a reference. The article is however from a NRI / Non-Indian point of you. Now let’s reserve this topic within India and our society. So where are we exactly? In regard to the periods concept? How many of you girls boldly tell to your male friends that you can’t make it to the trip because you are on your periods? Oh! What reason have you been giving for missing dance classes, gym or yoga 3 days a month?

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Why Desi Break Ups are more painful? – Freestyle Fridays 8

Hi Folks,


Relationship – Oh Crap!

For past few weeks all I see around are break-ups, rough patches, complicated relationships, cheating, betrayal and ditching. So here I am writing about why break-ups are so painful especially in India. If you are going to tell me that your love is perfectly a fairy tale or that everything is always in place in your relationship then I am happy for you, you guys are the modern Prince Charming – Cinderella so get yourself and your bf/gf a chocolate and go and write your fairy tale. This is for those who think their relationship is in a rough patch or those who thing relationship has ended. Continue reading

Why Chetan Bhagat and Preeti Shenoy are Illustrious Indian “Young Adult Fiction” Authors? – FF 5

Hi Folks,

Freestyle Friday Post for today is going to about most renowned as well as two lovable Indian authors. Without even seeing the title of this post or even having second thoughts, many of you might scream “Chetan & Preeti” as the reply. That’s the writing magic and sensation caused by these two. Although both Chetan and Preeti are my personal favorites, I surveyed many of my friends, acquaintances, friends of friends before coming up with this post. All of them answered with Chetan, Preeti or both for the question – “Who is/are the most famous Indian Author(S)?” Continue reading

Humanity First and Religion Next – Freestyle Fridays 4

Hi Folks,

I have sent this blog post to Spark a Positive Change – Stay Free & Healthy Day Contest. You can click here to see my post on the official site of Spark a Positive Change Challenge. Do share your thoughts and likes there also.

Healthy Me Badge

This freestyle Friday is again going to be a “Venting my Anger” section. I would like to share a real-time experience which I had a week ago while commuting from Guindy to Fort by local train. Here it is; Continue reading

Watch While You Walk: Freestyle Fridays 3

Hi Folks,

I am very happy to see you guys pinging on my FB page and FB personal inbox and complimenting as well as giving suggestions. I will be pleased if you could drop in your worthy comments beneath in the comments section.

Today being Freestyle Friday again I am going to talk nineteen to the dozen about the problems in commuting. Last week I posted a sardonic post about Chennai Bus Travel.

This week I am going to give precise, concise 5 Don’ts for people who walk in crowded streets/lanes/subways during peak hours. I travel to and fro Triplicane & Guindy and I have to walk through 1 crowded subway, 1 crowded over head bridge, and 2 crowded lanes once in the morning and again the same in the evening. By crowd I mean the real crowd where you will be pushed along with the crowd. Okay, here goes a set of 5 Don’ts while walking in crowded areas especially in peak hours. Continue reading

Blessed to travel by Chennai buses? – Freestyle Fridays (FF) -2

Hi Folks,

Today is Freestyle Friday.  Therefore I may write about anything and everything. This is more of “Vent Your Feelings” section. Last week’s post was on “Knight in shining armor”.

This week’s post about public transportation (buses) inside Chennai. This post is going to be sardonic and you got to bear it with me. Here it goes;

Chennai buses are the best way of transport across the globe. If you haven’t realized the feel yet, then you have to travel in them. They are simply superb. What a respect the male passengers have on their female counterparts. No one sits on the ladies seat even if it is empty. Yeah! They have been brought up right with lot of ethics. They even rise up to give seat to elder people and pregnant ladies. Isn’t it cute? Continue reading