Open Eyed Meditations: A Book Review

Ha, the happiness of being back with a book review! It’s been a rocky fortnight. In fact, as you all know, it has been a rocky year, but then I am holding on tight to my hopes and dreams – that’s the most you can do when things topple. I was glad to have received this book for review right at the time I was expecting something refreshing and profound to read. Without further ado, here is the book blurb!

Open-eyed Meditations is a beautiful compilation of thoughts wherein each meditation takes you on a journey to the past, bringing a secret herb to heal a problem of the present. A true distillation of ancient wisdom tips for modern lives, this unique self-help book uses the wisdom of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to solve your everyday problems. Beyond the storyline, something deeper is waiting to be discovered from these ancient texts. This book is an attempt to uncover the hidden layer of wealth that is cleverly packaged within the commonly known storylines. Continue reading

Why We Love The Way We Do – Preeti Shenoy: A Book Review

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This might probably be the first review of this book that you might be reading. All thanks to Preeti for sending her latest (seventh) and her first non-fiction novel, Why We Love The Way We Do to me even before its release. Before, I get into the review, here are the details of the book.

Title: Why We Love The Way We Do
Genre: Non-Fiction, Relationships
Author: Preeti Shenoy
Paperback: 276 pages
Publisher: Westland (16 November 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9385724185
ISBN-13: 978-9385724183
Product Dimensions: 21.4 x 14.9 x 1.9 cm

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From Where I See: Book Review

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Open any newspaper and all you see is strife, conflict and humans making life hell for other humans. Doesn’t the question ‘Why is this happening?’ creep into your mind on seeing this? Many people question the cause of all these problems but don’t really look for the answers. In his book ‘From Where I See’, author Dr. Ajay Yadav tries to delve beneath the surface and find answers to these situations that stem from the beliefs of men. 

Title: From Where I See
Author: Dr Ajay Yadav
ISBN-13: 9789382536819
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Lifi Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Number of pages:401
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Price: Rs.300

This is what I read as blurb when I selected this book for review.

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The Secrets of the Dark: A Book Review

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As I said in my previous book review, I have almost 50+ books to-be-read, and every single time I look at them, I want more than 24 hours per day. So much to read, so little time. Anyway, the book for review today is Arka Chakrabarti’s “The Secrets of the Dark”. I have always felt sad that there aren’t as many good mythological fictions made by our Indian contemporary authors in comparison to the west, but recently many of the authors are experimenting with this genre, and there are a few that don’t disappoint the readers. One such author is Arka, for the book is exceptionally good to read.

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#BookADay Challenge – Penguin Books – #1

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Penguin books came up with this lovely #BookADay challenge. Owing to my clumsy and hectic schedule, I missed participating in it through Twitter or Facebook. So, here it is. My blog post on #BookADay. Well, it is just simple. All you got to do is tag a book with the day’s theme.

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Ravi Subramanian’s God is a Gamer – Book Review

Where do I start? Well, let’s start with how I stumbled upon this book. I got this book from BlogAdda for an unbiased review. I was thrilled to realize that I had received an autographed copy. Isn’t it great when you get a personal copy from the author? One of my friends told me that the book was indeed very brilliant, and this instilled more curiosity in me. Was this book brilliant? Am I recommending it? Read on…

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Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat – Full Review by Stri!

2 hours – two uninterrupted hours was the time it took me to complete the 260 pages “Half-Girlfriend” novel by Chetan Bhagat. I was one of the many readers who pre-ordered the book, exactly the next minute Chetan Bhagat announced it officially. Why? Curiosity. As Chetan says, I don’t remember him as a person who did this, I miss him when one year passes without his book. Let’s cut the small talk and get on to the real review.
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Seduced by Murder – Book Review

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I have been doing a thriller novels challenge. Yeah, while the world is busy with ice bucket, rice bucket, book bucket, and music bucket challenge, I am doing a thriller novels challenge where I am hoping to complete 15 thrillers in one month. I started on August 16th, and with 13 down, I have two left to be finished before September 15th. The latest one that I completed was “Seduced by Murder” by Saurbh Katyal.

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Private India – Book Review

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This weekend the book that kept me busy was “Private India”.

Private India is the eighth book in the “Private” series. Similar to the previous seven “Private” books that were written by James Patterson with a co-author, this book too is written by him; however, this time it is with an Indian author Ashwin Sanghi. Patterson is well-known for his gripping and thrilling fiction book writing skills. On the other hand, Sanghi too is a well-known author who has been critically acclaimed for his previous books. With such high expectations from both the popular authors, what does one can expect from Private India? An edge-of-the-seat thriller! Is that expectation satisfied? Do the authors make justice to their fans. Continue reading

The Revenge Of Kaivalya – Sumana Khan – A Review

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First of all, my heartfelt apologies for posting the review at the eleventh hour. I was having a busy vacation, lot of StyleBook posts to follow. Watch this space! Well, coming to the current post, thanks to Write Tribe and Sumana Khan for sending me this lovely book for review. This is my first book review via Write Tribe. The Revenge Of Kaivalya is a supernatural thriller that gave me chills and thrills at the right places, and if you think that this is yet another cheesy horror story then you are prejudging because this is not just a horror story. Continue reading

Sorry. Again? Can he purge his sins? – Book Review

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Ten days back, I got this book for review by debutant author Amit Singh who wanted me to review this self-published debut novel of his which he has published via Amazon. This is an unbiased review in exchange for the e-book. The readers who would love to read this book can download it from . If you are a book reviewer or a blogger with book review based blog do contact Amit Singh at his FB Page – Sorry. Again? to review his book for exchange of a free pdf. Continue reading

Welcome to Strilish World!

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This is Stri and I blog mainly at I am Stri. I blog on various niches and one of it was fashion and reviews. Apparently, fashion sells well – ain’t it? Many people started recognizing me for my fashion blog posts and I was almost known as the fashion blogger 😛 😀 All these made me to toy around with the idea of fashion blog but then there are already plenty of them, aren’t they? Well, what difference I shall make? I wanted to KISS – Continue reading