S(t)ri’s Awards!!!

Hi Folks,

This page will contain a list of Awards that were awarded to me by fellow bloggers! In the blogosphere, we have this lovely culture of greeting each other and appreciating one another through these awards. These awards mean a lot to me. You can read the posts related to awards over here (I would have accepted the awards and written about it). If you like my blog and would wish to nominate me for any awards please do so by commenting beneath this page!

1. Liebster Award: (3 awards)

The Liebster Award originated in Germany with the earliest record of it being found in 2010. It is an internet award given by a blogger to a blogger. The meaning of liebster is dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, valued, pleasant, cute, welcome, sweetheart, endearing; all terms which I would be happy to have associated with me. It’s all about finding and encouraging the new bloggers in the blogsphere!

I have received 3 Liebster awards in total from Vishal who blogs at Vishal Bheero, Shalzzz who blogs at Tale of Two Tomatoes, Nibhz who blogs at Expressions.


2. The Versatile Blogger Award:
This award is for those writers or bloggers who are versatile to stay rooted in social media which moves so fast.
I have received this award through Lita who blogs at Litadoolan.
Versatile Blogger
Versatile Blogger
3. Sunshine Award: (2 awards)
An award to show that the blogger causes sunshine in life of the readers. With summer around the corner, this award is a welcome bliss to any blogger. I am glad to have been nominated by Gauri Kekre who blogs at Mind Brew and Swathi Shenoy who blogs at Flightless Bird.
Sunshine Award
Sunshine Award

4. WORKING TO CHANGE THE WORLD’ BLOGGING AWARD: This new award is created to recognize those bloggers at WordPress who are working to make a difference in the world. Recipients of this Award work hard and sincerely to make the world a better place, using their compassion, love and understanding, promoting open minds, free communication of ideas and above all, peace. I was nominated to this award again by Vishal who blogs at Vishal Bheero.

5.  The Award For Love And Kindness:

This was created to honor acts of love and kindness , to encourage acts of love and kindness. I am a believer in the idea that love and kindness promote Peace in the World, and I give my respect and appreciation for all who promote these important values. It is important for us to remember that we are One Family living in One World, we are sisters and brothers, no matter that how we look, what culture we live in, what religion we practice or who we love. In many ways, blogging removes some of the obvious barriers between us and helps bring those of us from all walks of life, ethnicity, creed, colors and ideals together as One Family. I was nominated to this award again by Vishal who blogs at Vishal Bheero.


Award for Love & Kindness

That makes 8 awards (5 categories) in total in past 5 months.

Apart from these, I have been nominated for few more awards, which due to time constraint couldn’t be acknowledged.

Thanks a lot everyone!!

Cheers, Love, XOXOXO,



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