Me & Movies! – No, this is not a review!

Hi, folks,

As I happen to watch a lot of movies, people tend to ask me why I don’t do movie reviews. I already do book, restaurant, and product reviews. I think, I am kind of good in those, but movies are certainly not my cuppa tea. However, I do tend to make some quirky, funny remarks when I watch a movie, so this series will be all about such remarks that I come up with. All the posts will be titled, “5 things about <<movie name>>,” the things can be good, bad, funny, or random.

Some of the things that you as readers need to know is that:

  1. There may be spoilers in the posts.
  2. I am not a fan of any “big shot” heroes or heroines, I am an eternal Rajini fan, so well, if I happen to be make funny remarks on any heroes, don’t start blaming that I am a fan of that hero’s rival.
  3. The posts are not movie reviews. They are never sponsored, I pay for my tickets. Above all, I neither recommend nor  advice against any movie.
  4. The pictures and images used, in me & movies category, are not mine. However, the images across my other blog posts are copyrighted to me.
  5. You can request me to watch a movie and write my witty/quirky opinions about it.
  6. There will be usage of regional languages in the movie, depending on the language of the movie.

Finally, share the posts and show me some love.