I lost weight. Now what next?

Hi, gorgeous people,

Most you would have read my post on how I achieved Size Zero. If you haven’t read that already, click here. So, I promised to come up with a post about Size Zero maintenance, but as you all know, I am a procrastinating princess, so apologize the delay. This post will primarily target on the most important issues that you have to face, once you have lost weight. Apart from the obvious problem of clothes being loose on you, there are other issues. And, this post will deal about the issues that your body undergoes after a weight loss.

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Me, Myself, and My Zero Figure – Size Zero!!!

Hi Gorgeous People!!

Yeah! I am Size Zero finally! Oh no, don’t give me those reproachful looks. I know many of the ladies out here would hate Size Zero but then hating it reminds me of the Fox & Grapes story. Even I used to criticize the Zero Figure Celebs and it was absolutely out of despair and J-Factor. However, in heart of heart I always wanted to have Size Zero. Many people suggested me to hit the gym, go on crash diet, and maintain strict vegan diet and what not! However, I didn’t follow any of these. I took my own way and believe it or not it took exactly 9 months to reduce 18kgs and drop down 4-6 inches of the overall vital stats.

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