Notes d’amour – #1

Thanks to the French classes and amazing love stories around me, I am back to writing happy romantic tales ❤

Love is a music that makes you dance, relax, contemplate, and relish. Here’s the first post in the “Notes d’amour – Notes of Love” series. Each story/episode will be named after a romantic song, I adore.

#1: Love Me Like You Do

Stretching her hands upwards, she yawned out loud. The aroma of Earl Grey Tea coupled with that of petrichor was pleasant. Sipping the tea slowly, she grabbed the newspaper to read about yesterday’s match. Even in the world of smartphones that gives her live updates, she preferred to read the sports page of The Hindu, whenever there was a cricket match, irrespective of she watched it or not. Continue reading


You’re my sunshine: A Short Story

I was lost in thoughts, when he gently gave me a nudge with a mug filled with hot green tea.

“Ouch,” I yelp.

“Where are you?” he asks.

I smile looking into his eyes.

I had already told him it was too early for me to go on a date with anyone.

“It’s been 5 months,” my best friend told me when I texted her or rather sent her a screenshot of him asking me out.

“He is a nice guy,” she said.

“I don’t need nice guys. I don’t need anyone. The last time I thought someone was nice I got hurt,” I replied.

“You are scared to do what you do the best,” she replied immediately.

“And what would that be? Getting my heart broken?” I asked.

“Taking risks, giving things a second chance, and loving people,” I read her reply thrice before replying, “I am not the same girl anymore.” Continue reading

Don’t Marry Me

Dear boyfriend,

Finally, we are here – at the stage where everyone says we must move forward and get married.

At times, even I kinda hint you that being married to each other isn’t such a bad idea. However, as your best friend and girl friend, all I want to tell you is “Don’t marry me.”

Yes, don’t marry me because we get at least five wedding invitations in a month.

Don’t marry me because our exes are getting hitched or getting pregnant. Continue reading

Open when you feel like it’s over


How are you? I am pretty sure you are confused or sad; else you would not be reading this now. So, you feel that it’s over between us? I understand. Yes, although it feels like a blow in my heart – I understand.

Image result for couple parting ways

I am not sure what made you think this way. Despite being inseparably connected to each other, we are two different individuals with different thought processes – well, my brain by itself has 100 thoughts in any given moment and no two of that agrees with each other. So, yeah, I get it.

If we were not perfect for each other, you wouldn’t be reading this. We would have spoken about our issues out loud and clear – we are frank that way. If one of us cheated on the other, there are high chances that we would have confessed – we are honest with each other. If it was the family, we would have sat down and had a discussion with them – we are a matured couple. If you are reading this, maybe it’s something inexplicable. Continue reading

Lazy Days With You Are The Best!

I woke up with a really bad headache – it’s probably the effect of the cheap liquor that I had at the Ladies’ Night the previous evening. Arjun has always warned me not to drink these free drinks; “they do nothing other than giving you a bad hangover,” he says. I looked around for my phone. It was on the nightstand near my bed.

*21 messages from 18 chats* read the WhatsApp notification.

One of the very few days I wake up to these many notifications. I generally have like 2-3 messages – one from sister, one from Arjun, and probably, one from Preethi. Arjun, on the other hand, always wakes up to 50+ messages. “Put your group chats on mute,” I tell him all the time. The constant buzzing annoys me all night, but he never listens.

Scrolling through my messages, I looked around for him. It looked like he wasn’t home last night. Kumutha, a Facebook friend, had sent a message reminding me to write something for the Valentine’s Day contest that we were participating in. We are part of the same online bloggers’ club, and it was supposed to be a collaborated event. She was my partner in this. It was random selection – neutral for me, but may be unfortunate for her. Continue reading

Uzhe Videli

Hi, folks,

As a part of a blog tag contest (details are at the end of this post) I am penning this chapter to complete a story that was started by good friend, Dhivya Balaji. To understand this chapter, you need to read these:

Chapters: #1|#2|#3|#4|#5|#6|#7|#8|#9|#10|#11|#12

Thanks for the tag, Kishor LN.

Chapter 13

The family huddled together as Ashok turned his gaze back to the wall like he always does when he narrates a story.

Image Credits: PresentationPro

“Your mom and I were in the same college. I liked her the very first time I saw her. However, I was really scared to ask her out,” said Ashok with a sigh.

“Why?” Priya blurted the question out of inquisitiveness.

“You are such a Pochemuchka, aren’t you, Priya?” asked her dad and Priya nodded smiling. Continue reading

The Gift

Every time he hurt her, he got her a gift: a doll, a miniature Taj Mahal, and so on. Initially, it was a way to reconciliation. However, gradually, it became a routine.

He got used to the fact that he can do anything and get away with it by giving a gift. Those anythings included forced bondage sex and physical assault too. She didn’t give in easily, but that only made it worse.

Everyone blamed her for letting him do those to her; but what would she do when she thinks that she loves the guy who treats her like a slave. Above all, domestic violence isn’t as easy to handle as people with first world problems think it to be. One fine day, she left him. It wasn’t easy; witness protection program would have been easier than that.

Miles away, years later, her showcase was full of those gifts. People called her materialistic for taking those, but she wasn’t attached to those materials. Those were scars that remind her how broken she was, and how she battled through it to be the person she is now.

However, there was one gift that everyone wanted her to get rid off, but she didn’t, not because it was the costliest, but because that was the only gift she was attached to despite that fact that she never wanted that gift in the first place.

“Mom, can I go cycling?” her son asked. He had his eyes, and that was the only similarity.


Just in here, forever…

I was cleaning an old wardrobe this morning, and I found a note signed, “Just in here, forever, ” by an old friend of mine, or should I say, by a person who used to be a friend of mine.

I showed it to my mom & said, “Sometimes, forever comes with an expiry date! Ha!”

She knows that friend of mine. He was the only guy apart from my blood brothers, I called as “Anna,” she asked, “What is the first memory that comes to your mind when you see this?”

I said, “CMBT. He came to drop me in the bus stand. I wanted soda. As I prefer Pepsi over Coke, he searched in almost 20 shops to get me a Pepsi tin. He didn’t give up even when I said I can manage with Coke.”

I was smiling ear to ear! She smiled proudly and said, “See, that’s what forever means. Forever in your memories. People come & go, deaths, fights, break-ups, and divorces happen. Not everything can be resolved. Certain things are meant to  stay broken. However, the memories you want to remember stay on forever.”

I smiled, wiping a tear from the corner of my eye.

“Just pray that you don’t get Alzheimer’s disease or Amnesia; in that case, nothing lasts forever. You won’t even remember the storyline of your favorite Harry Potter Series.”

Me: Grrrrrrr, Mooom!!!

Untitled #1

“What are you doing this evening?” he asked her casually. She looked up from the David Balaccadi novel into his glowing hazel eyes and said, “Nothing planned as of now.” He hesitated for a moment. It is the first time he is asking her out. They had been married for 23 days now; one of them should take the effort, and he didn’t mind if it has to be him.

She looked at his face for another few seconds and resumed back to the words of David. As she tucked a bunch of her hair into the back of her ears, he noticed 3 earrings that shined subtly bright. He had never noticed these many piercings back in school days. “Chotu,” he called or to be precise, he blurted. She looked at him immediately. It has been 10 years since he used that word. He mouthed, “What the F*ck?” They were classmates all through their school. Most of their classmates and mutual friends who attended their wedding were utterly jealous. After all, who wouldn’t be? Isn’t marrying childhood sweetheart the best thing ever? Of course it is, just that these two weren’t exactly childhood sweethearts but childhood enemies.

“Sorry. I mean.. Well, I am still trying to figure out how to address you,” he stammered. She smiled a bit and said, “I have a name, in case you forgot, it’s Shruthi.” Continue reading

Style, Love, and Stories of LayaKrish – #CBCStylori

It was his birthday. She had traveled all the way from Mumbai to Chennai. Long distance relationships suck, but at times, things like meeting someone after a month or two is a blissful experience. She had planned to surprise him with 27 gifts to mark his 27th birthday. It has been officially seven years since they started dating. He proposed to her on his 20th birthday, and unlike most girls, she said yes, even before he could complete the three golden words.

Their relationship had faced ups and downs, but their love kept growing strong. She was the romantic one, while he was the practical one. He never gifts her, while she makes him float in the ocean of gifts. His way of love was practical. He managed her finances, her blog PR, her tech stuffs, and her health reports. He massaged her foot after her tiring travel in the plane with small leg space. They were imperfect, but they completed each other to be a perfect couple. Continue reading

“Sunny Side” Up!

She looked at her bloody hands. She remembered the last time her hands were this bloody: It was on the day of her wedding, when she had applied red colored alta*. It was a bright day of her life: the day as bright as her yellow lehanga**. She still remembered what her friends told her, when they saw her blush at her groom, “So, Sunny has indeed got your sunny side up.” Thinking all those happy memories now, tears gushed from her eyes.

She met Sunny 5 years back in her cousin’s wedding. What initially seemed to be a mutual attraction, turned out to be a marriage proposal. As they say, in India, “Marriages are decided in heaven, but fixed by parents’ in other people’s weddings.” After a generous courting period or the so-called post-engagement period of nine months, she was married to Sunny. Continue reading

Of bullying, revenge, and other life lessons

Hi, Folks,

There are some people who make you smile with their antics, some who make you smile with tiny gestures, some who make you smile with their care and affection, but in everyone’s life there will be one person who makes you smile just by being in your life. I have one such person in my life, and that type of person is whom I call as once in a lifetime person.

Their mere presence makes you happy, their smile makes you smile, and their love keeps you strong. This person in my life is actually god-sent because I can’t think of any other way of how else this could have happened. Having people to laugh with you in your happy times is not a big deal, but having people to make you laugh when you are devastated is a blessing. Continue reading

I Found Myself The Day I Lost Me! – #StartANewLife

I was wrapping up for the day at my office, busily sending out weekly updates and files to my editor. It was then my colleagues, who are more like best friends, shout “Happy Journey” near my ears. Startled, I turn back and look at them in bewilderment. “So, first solo trip?” a friend questions. I nod in agreement. “How? I mean like how could you do that?” she asks in a curious tone. “Because I felt like,” I told and bade a bye to her with a hug. My whole gang of colleagues wished me luck and safety, while I rushed out of my office. After numerous promises to them about staying in touch throughout the trip through Whatsapp and Facebook, I finally got into a cab. Continue reading

Half-filled Glass of Water & Two Analgesics – Look Up Stories

It was dark. All I could see was a faint white light coming from a shop, which was on the opposite platform. I am not a person who prefers darkness, for what else could be expected from a typical Hindu girl, who has not been adventurous or taken risks. I hold hands of my children tightly; my son, aged 15, was matured enough to know what was going on, but my 10-year-old girl was lying on my lap unaware of what was happening to her mother. Normally, my son would have asked for Lays, Coke, or Samosa in railway station, but today he didn’t.

While I gaze at the faint light on the opposite platform, I recollected how the light in my life faded into darkness. Amit, the man I was in love with for the past twenty years, is now a stranger, or should I call him a betrayer? After 3 years of love and 17 years of marriage, he walked out of my life, or should I say he showed me the way to walk out of our house, which is now his house? What will you do when a perfect life crashes in a moment?

Continue reading

LayaKrish’s Sound Of Love: A Short Story

Hi, Folks,

A story after a long time, a really long time, and that too, a love story! LOL! Thank BlogAdda because “I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.

To know more about #SoundOfLove, see this pic:

Yeah, that’s right, the sound of your love can be made into a ring, ha, how romantic, isn’t it? Names may change, faces may grow old, but the voice of love remains eternal, just like your Love. Without much delay, here is the story! Continue reading