Meena Tai’s – A Quintessential Maharastrian Veg Cuisine Review

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We recently collaborated with Meena Tai’s for a food tasting session. While we initially wanted to collaborate with Batlivala & Khanaboy – their other venture, the owner of the ventures suggested us to try Meena Tai’s.

Since both V & I haven’t tried much of Maharastrian cuisine, we were sceptical. Our knowledge about Maharastrian food was limited to Vada Pav and Misal Pav. However, when we entered this restaurant, we were in for a surprise. Read on to know about our experience.

Ambiance is something that will catch my eye whenever we visit any restaurant. This restaurant’s ambiance was on the point. Amazing, royal decor is what the resto had. Yellow walls, ethnic mirrors, and lots of ancient utensils on the cupboard – that’s the decor, and I loved it. Continue reading


Fully Local: Ada Thara Local North Indian Saapadu!

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Have you noticed the gigantic black staircase, with famous Bollywood dialogues written, right in the heart of R.K. Salai? Yes, right above Zuka is this treasure called Fully Local.

Most of you might have tried this restaurant, and some of you might be like “What??” Well, either way, read on about my experience, must-try dishes, and lots more about this restaurant. Continue reading

Kailash Parbat – A Food Court Experience Review

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Last evening I had a chance to visit The Forum Mall. We planned to drop by Lifestyle and Max stores to check out the ethnic wear collections for Diwali. Needless to say, I did shop more than I wanted to. However, this post is not another OOTD, but an eatery review. Since both my friend and I were hungry, we went to the Food Court as soon as we entered.

Both of us love North Indian Khana, so our obvious choice was Kailash Parbat. I generally don’t review eateries that are in Food Courts of malls, but the food court in this mall was well-maintained and spacious that it felt like a normal dining experience.

SERVICE: It’s self-service. Most of the food items were ready in prior, like the briyani, gravy, etc. So, the food was available within minutes. Therefore, this is good for people who love to grab something super quick. Continue reading

Hamsa – A Luxury Dining Resto Review

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If you know me personally and have seen my phone’s gallery, it will be filled with travel, food, and fashion photos. My to-be-read list, places-to-visit list, restaurants-to-try lists are long and overflowing. One such restaurant was Hamsa.

Hamsa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I missed the launch party of Hamsa, and since then this restaurant has been in my Zomato Wishlist. When a good friend of mine pinged and asked if I want to visit this restaurant as a food blogger, I was overwhelmed. So, I did visit this place on a workday lunch. How was my experience? Read on!


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VB Signature – Restaurant Review

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It’s been so long that I posted a restaurant review here. I have been really held up (read: procrastinating), and I ended up not blogging enough. I just hope to blog more in the forthcoming days. Anyway, recently, I had an amazing chance to visit this newly launched restaurant named, VB Signature. If you are wondering what it is all about, “ada Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan thaanga.” Yes, this is also Vasantha Bhavan, where the talented chef Vignesh has tweaked the traditional food a lot & gave us some amazing twisty-turvy, of course yummy signature dishes.


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Big Bang Theory – Bar & Kitchen – Restaurant Review

Hi, foodies,

This place was in my wishlist since the time they started it. However, I never got to visit here until now. Few days back, I was insisting my friend that we go to this place for dinner. Ha, who will say no to me – the foodie?


Strawberry Smoothie With A Dash Of Vodka & Chocolate

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Entree – Restaurant Review #11

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EA and I are so synonymous! Bloggers’ meet? EA. Movie Plan? EA. Wanna Shop? EA. Wanna Eat? EA. Wanna buy books? EA. Ha ha! Perks of living stone’s throw away from the mall. Entree is a place in the luxury atrium of EA, which I have visited like a dozen times. I was happy to attend a blogger food event hosted here. Without much ado, here is the review.
Entrée Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: Luxury Atrium of EA. Easy to spot, nice parking facilities. No issues there.

Ambiance: With a sleek contemporary decor, half open kitchen, and lots of exquisite detailing, this place is one of my favorite luncheon places. Be it a professional work lunch or a playful lunch date, I would anytime choose this place for its ambiance.

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Beyond Madras – Park Hyatt – Restaurant Review #10

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One of the things that I miss about Chennai is the awesome food places that I visit to review. Here, in Hyderabad, I am not well established as a food blogger, so I don’t get much restaurant or event invites. If any of you are foodies from Hyderabad, rope me in to the PRs. This place, on the review today, Beyond Madras is a restaurant at the Part Hyatt.

Beyond Madras at The Dining Room is an experience. It is the experience of looking back fondly at the treasure trove of grandma’s recipes. Looking back at bygone years. At reliving family meals that used to be rife with laughter and stories.

Looking back…. behind the veil of time, and beyond the concept of erstwhile Madras….. where existed a home.

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Mamagoto -Nungambakkam – Restaurant Review #9

Hi, Folks,

I was recently invited to visit and review the Mamagoto Restaurant at my most favorite KNK Road, Chennai.
Mamagoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Press Release:

Mamagoto, India’s leading Pan-Asian café opens its yellow doors for the 9th time, at Chennai. Founded in January 2010 in Delhi, Mamagoto literally translated from Japanese means “to play with food”, and that is the very ethos of the concept – to make Asian eating fun, unpretentious and casual.

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The Madaras Kafe – Nungambakkam – Restaurant Review #8

Vanakkam, Madras!

The Madaras Kafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I love addressing my city as Madras and not as Chennai. Madras is the city I was born in, and to me Madras is where my cultural ties are. So, when my friend wanted me to have brunch with him at this place, I said yes! Solely because of this place’s name. However, why it is Madaras and not Madras is something that bothers me.

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Shyam’s Bombay Halwa House – Restaurant Review #7

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Looks like I am catching up with all the restaurant reviews that I am supposed to do. Here’s a head up, this weekend, it’s gonna be all about books. Oh my god! So much to blog, so little time. So, today I am gonna review one of my most favorite restaurants, Shyam’s Bombay Halwa House. You can also see more about the place as well as my review @Zomato (Follow me!)

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Pergola – The Accord Metropolitan – Restaurant Review #6

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I guess this is the first time I am reviewing a high-end restaurant. I generally prefer good food, no matter if it is from a luxurious restaurant or a roadside eatery. My best friend and I decided to celebrate our birthday at The Accord (her suggestion), and here it goes the review.

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Thali Meals at “Kakada Ramprasad” – Restaurant Review #5

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I finally visited Kakada Ramprasad after becoming a self-proclaimed food blogger. I have visited this place a lot in my childhood, but I badly wanted to review this place when I started reviewing restaurants on Zomato. You can follow me on Zomato here.

The Grand Kakada Ramprasad Thali

The Kakada Ramprasad Thali

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Hola, folks,

Have you guys followed me on Zomato? Do follow! Okay, so here is the review of this trending, budget-friendly hotel – FUSILLI REASONS. I badly wanted to try Fusilli Reasons, and it happened when I happened to run into a friend of mine this week. It was a boring Tuesday, and we decided that we will dine out and get talking about my recent trip. So yeah, that’s the back story.


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