My MilkBikis My Experiences – #Nostalgia

Recently, I received a box full of MilkBikis biscuits – the original one as well as the milk cream version. Seeing those biscuit packets took me down the memory lane. My earliest memory about Milk Bikis is the habit of mixing it with milk and eating like Cerlac. Trust me, it was better than any baby food, I have ever eaten. Nope, it’s not that I remember how baby food tastes from my infanthood, I used to eat Cerlac and Farex as snack until I was probably 10 (Shhh! Don’t tell my mom!)

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Matrika’s Journals – There is one for everyone

Hi, Folks,

Those of you who know me will obviously know how obsessed I am about notebooks and journals. Keep Notes and Ever Notes may come and go, but notebooks that I can touch, feel, and write on are my favorites. I was pleased when I got this product from Matrika’s – It’s called the Creative Woman’s Journal.

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Omved: A Skincare Review

Hi, Folks,

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I am giving a lot of importance to skincare these days. I will soon update you guys about my complete skin care routine. As of this post, it is going to be about a brand that I am recently interested in – Omved.

So, I received 2 products from the brand for an unbiased review. The products I received are:

  1. Omved – MALATI Jasmine Blossoms Soap
  2.  Omved – Nagarmotha Skin Mask

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FictionCrate – Book Subscription Box – My Thoughts

Hello, Folks,

Firstly, apologies for being off the blogging radar for quite sometime now. As most of you all know, I have been undergoing a lot of personal issues. And for the first time, the “monsters in my head” seem scarier than “the ones under my bed.” Nevertheless, I am trying my best to fight them. Coming back to this blog post, I am glad that has sent me a book subscription box in the month of April for review.

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Hi, Guys,

I was supposed to do an OOTD, but I couldn’t find a photographer 😦 Yes, my brother and sister, who generally click kickass pictures are out of town. If any photographer is willing to collaborate, please let me know in the comments or via FB.

So, I decided to do a shopping experience post. Recently, I happened to shop for this amazing saree from As you all might know, I own more than one saree from To be honest, this is my 3rd saree from them. So, here is the saree.


The saree has a beautiful netted pallu that has lovely embroidery in it. The border and blouse are satin. The best part about is that you can even get your blouse customized at a reasonable price. Yes, just measure yourself and share it with them, and you will get a perfectly stitched blouse. Continue reading

MyDaily Meal – Vanilla: A Review

I was recently contacted by the PR of myDaily Meal to review their product. I was sceptical about it initially. However, since my friend Sindhu also tried and reviewed this product, I wanted to go ahead and try it.

myDaily Perfect Meal - All Flavour (3 Meals Pack)

I got the Vanilla/Original flavour to be reviewed. I forgot to tell them not to send Vanilla as I am not a big fan of it. Nevertheless, I did want to try the original flavour once it arrived as I might be biased and in favour if it was the chocolate flavour. Continue reading

How To Style A Saree?

Hi, Folks,

Saree is the best Indian outfit. Yeah, Salwars may come, Lehangas may go, but Saree goes on forever (pun not intended). I personally love Sarees; although I don’t wear them often, I love the times that I wear them. This outfit can be a bridesmaid outfit, sister-of-the-groom/bride outfit, or a simple wedding guest outfit.


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Paper Boat – Drinks, Memories, & More…

Hi, Folks,

I am a person who loves watching TVC more than anything else on the television. However, these days not many TVCs intrigue me. I feel that due to social media being a major source for advertising these days, TVCs have taken a backseat. However, a few ads caught my eye in the recent past. One of those were Paper Boat Drinks.

Ad about childhood memories always strikes the chord. Coming to the product, I am so happy to have got this amazing box of memories to review.


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Hi, Gorgeous People,

I recently had a chance to collaborate with Most of us have been hearing about Korean Skincare. I first heard about it from my blogger friend, Sindhu. So, when this chance of collaboration with Skin18 came, I was curious and happy.

Firstly, have a look at the products they sent me.

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3 Tips To Jazz Up Your Home – #DecoHome

Hi, folks,

Everyone of us would love to jazz up our homes, just like how we dress ourselves up. However, most of the times, we might not know how or where to start. Also, buying every single thing related to home decor may be a menace to our pockets. If you are looking for some decorative wall shelves, fancy runners, or sensual bedding, you might like to shop from DecoHome. If I get a chance to jazz up my house, these are the three tips that I would follow.

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Essential items every single woman should have in her bachelorette pad!

Hi, folks,

These days – being single is the new norm. Buying your own first apartment can be very exciting and delightful life event for any single girl. If you are a working professional, nothing can be as fulfilling as the feeling of self-pride which your experience after buying a destination which you can call home. Unmarried girls have lot more freedom than married ones as they can choose to decorate their abode. They can enjoy the process of putting together, comfortable, creative and above all highly personal living spaces! Here’s how to create exuberant and stylish single woman’s den.

Bedding for the single queen

One of the greatest perks of being single is you can sleep diagonally on your bed. You can go to extra mile to make it look charming, visually appealing. Make it extra fluffy – put on some designer cushion covers, soft toys and cute comforter sets to enjoy a divine sleep. Cute ceramic coffee mug and Fresh flowers places on the bed side table instantly liven up the space.

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Nioxin Hair Care Kit 5: A Review

Hi, gorgeous people,

I wrote a post about Nioxin Launch in Chennai in association with BlogAdda. There I said that I will post the review of the product and here it goes. The kit that I was suggested by hair expert was Kit 5 – Normal & Thick Hair.

Did I like the product? Will I repurchase it? Am I recommending it? Read on: Continue reading

Bhringraj & Methika in Virgin Coconut Hair Oil by SoulTree: A Review

Hi, Gorgeous People,

I am happy to announce my collaboration with SoulTree brand. I wanted to go all herbal for my hair, to start with. However, Shihakai or Mehandi powders wouldn’t suit my impatient lifestyle. My mom always suggests to apply Methika (Fenugreek) paste, oil using Brahmi oil, and wash off with Hibiscus and Shihakai powder. However, I neither have time nor patience for all of these. That’s when SoulTree came as a savior. I am going to review the Bhringraj & Methika in Virgin Coconut Hair Oil by SoulTree.

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Of Ariels and Real-life Princesses – #WashBucketChallenge

Hi, Folks,

Is laundry women’s job? Well, I am not trying to emphasize feminism here, but if you want fresh clothes, you need to do the laundry. Well, you can outsource it to maids, dhobi, and what not, but my mom always says, “despite being able to afford to have a maid or dhobi, nothing beats the satisfaction of washing your favorite clothes by yourself.” Mom are always right. Staying in hostel for 6 years, and with 2 years of no proper dhobi, washing machine was my only rescue.

But again, my sister’s argument is this:

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TRESemmé – SPLIT REMEDY Shampoo+Conditioner – Stri’s Review

Hi Folks,

I am glad to be back with a lovely review for TRESemmé – SPLIT REMEDY Shampoo+Conditioner product. I was in for a sweet surprise when I received this fabulous gift pack from IndiBlogger and Hindustan Unilever Ltd last week. This is part of an IndiContest wherein the TRESemmé free samples were interested fashion bloggers for an unbiased review.


TRESemmé – SPLIT REMEDY Shampoo+Conditioner Gift Bag

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