Wazir – Check mate?!

Hi, folks,

After a long time, I am back to my “movie rants” section. As most of you would know, I ain’t a movie person, but when I do watch a movie, I hope it is not a waste of time. After seeing trailers, the Farhan fan in me wanted to watch it, and I liked Bejoy’s previous movie David, and the  movie’s crew & trailer indeed made me more wanting to watch it. Did I like the movie?


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5 Things About 10 Endrathukulla! – Me & Movies #1

Hi, folks,

Read this disclaimer post, before you read any further.

I happened to watch “10 Endrathukulla” movie yesterday with a friend of mine. We initially thought of going to The Intern last week, but as I was held up, I couldn’t make it, so we had to make new movie plans. I personally was keen to watch this movie.

imagesIf you know me personally, you know that I am not a movie buff, I always go by instincts to a movie, and the movies I enjoy are varied and quite weird. I will soon come up with a post on what movies I enjoy and what not.

The last movie, I went this friend was Mass and well, let me not talk about it, and let’s stick on to 10 endrathukulla. Continue reading