How To Style A Saree?

Hi, Folks,

Saree is the best Indian outfit. Yeah, Salwars may come, Lehangas may go, but Saree goes on forever (pun not intended). I personally love Sarees; although I don’t wear them often, I love the times that I wear them. This outfit can be a bridesmaid outfit, sister-of-the-groom/bride outfit, or a simple wedding guest outfit.


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Hi, gorgeous people,

How many of you know my fascination and craziness for blue color? Yay! I love blue. So, a blue kanchivaram saree is like an icing on the cake. My amma passed on a blue light weight silk saree to me as she thought it would look good on me. A small secret here: all my mom’s sarees are mine as both of my sisters seldom wear sarees! 😛 So moving on to the look, ta-da!

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Subtly Pink – ETHNIC #9 – BEING A WEDDING GUEST #2 – 2Looks 1Outfit

Hi, Gorgeous People,

As most of you might now, I am going through a rough phase in my life. I don’t like sharing much of those personal details on my blog as I feel sad things neither sell, nor make things better by sharing on a public forum. However, just telling you beloved readers about my mind state makes it a little better for me because I know that my genuine blog readers do love me. Anyway off to the topic, I am trying to erase most of the images from my laptop and phone as the memory gets full just by these photos. So to make a memory of everything, I wanted to blog about them and store the blog backup instead of mere images. One such image is from last year.

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Bold Gold and Subtle Dark Green Salwar Suit – Ethnic #8 – Being A Wedding Guest #1

Hi, gorgeous people,

Exactly after I came from my vacation, my best friend’s brother got engaged. Well, I had to attend it. I keep attending so many weddings that most of my acquaintances and colleagues ask me, “how many best friends do you have?” Well, quite a handful. That keeps me more than occupied. As it was not my friend’s but her brother’s engagement, I wanted to look gorgeous yet subtly. I didn’t want to be the center of attraction by being over dressed, but I can’t afford to go under dressed. After so many calls, whatsapp pings, and rants with her, I was still clueless. She got a nice silk saree for herself to wear 😛 That’s when mom came to my rescue with this long-last-yet-still-new salwar of mine.

Yay.... that's me! (new hair cut? Detailed post coming soon)

Yay…. that’s me! (new hair cut? Detailed post coming soon)

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