My Skincare and Haircare Routine

Hi, folks,

So after procrastinating for so long, I finally did come up with this post. Special thanks to a FB group called Urban Tribals – the group members had a talk about skin and hair care routine, and here I am with this post.

Here I am just going to brief by daily routine and weekly routine 🙂

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Nioxin Hair Care Kit 5: A Review

Hi, gorgeous people,

I wrote a post about Nioxin Launch in Chennai in association with BlogAdda. There I said that I will post the review of the product and here it goes. The kit that I was suggested by hair expert was Kit 5 – Normal & Thick Hair.

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Bhringraj & Methika in Virgin Coconut Hair Oil by SoulTree: A Review

Hi, Gorgeous People,

I am happy to announce my collaboration with SoulTree brand. I wanted to go all herbal for my hair, to start with. However, Shihakai or Mehandi powders wouldn’t suit my impatient lifestyle. My mom always suggests to apply Methika (Fenugreek) paste, oil using Brahmi oil, and wash off with Hibiscus and Shihakai powder. However, I neither have time nor patience for all of these. That’s when SoulTree came as a savior. I am going to review the Bhringraj & Methika in Virgin Coconut Hair Oil by SoulTree.

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How To Get Thicker & Smoother Hair? DIY Hair Care – Home Remedy

Hi, gorgeous people,

The first thing people notice in me is my eyes, and my hair. Yeah, I am not really friendly or have a sweet disposition the first time I meet someone. My protective instincts kick in, when I meet someone for the first time. I generally fail to accept anyone easily; anyway, back to the topic, so people generally notice my hair and eyes more than the way I talk or my character. Okay, eyes it is god-gifted, I have my mom’s eyes. As of hair, although I am blessed with thick hair (thanks to dad), it involves a lot of effort to keep it problem free.

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My Daily/Weekly Care Routine – Skin, Hair, Body, Lips, Eye, and Face

Hi, gorgeous people,

I was viewing video of an MUA’s skin care routine, and one of my colleagues suggested me to do the same. As my designated photo/videographer, my bro, is not in town (he is in Mumbai, he is a travel freak just like me 😛 ) I opted to do a blog post instead. I hope I would do a video next month, when we both are in town.

Here you go, the beauties:

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Hi Folks,

Shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair care – Damn, they just turn me on more than the hottest guy in the universe. Yup, who doesn’t love their hair? Well, at least the hair on their head! So, when IndiBlogger came up with review for Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo+Conditioner contest I immediately applied; result? I got these lovely gift wrapped free samples.

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Hi Gorgeous People!!

Matrix is salon based hair styling and hair care products brand founded in 1980 by American hairdresser Amie Miller. Matrix is well-known salon as well as salon based hair care product manufacturers. Most of the salons in India use the Matrix based products for the hair treatments or hair based services.

You can visit the Matrix Salon Store over here: Matrix
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