About S(t)ri

S(t)ri – Srilakshmi is an avid blogger and writer from India. She has done Masters in Computer Science and Engineering. However, she works as a writer with an publishing house (following her childhood passion). She is also an author and content manager at Morsels &Juices. She has interest and experience in Writing (Technical and Creative), Fashion, Books, Wedding Planning, Crafts, Music and Dance.  Apart from working in a software company as a corporate content editor she writes blogs, plans her friends’ weddings and is aspiring to be a fiction author.

Sri (as she prefers to be addressed) is a TamBrahm from Chennai, India. Her family consists of a Reserved Professor cum Father, Chirpy, Talkative & Homemaker Mother, Trendy & Writer Elder Sister, Homely & Homemaker Another Elder Sister. Apart from parents and siblings she has one stylish nephew, two protective brother-in-laws, two caring and guiding brothers (cousins) and two cute dolly nieces.


A Pencil Sketched Image of Sri

She writes and reads all over the weekdays. Shops, hangs out with friends, plans weddings, and does craft works in the weekends. She loves her world and you being her followers now become a part of her world.

Also message me or leave a comment below if you want your products to be reviewed.


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you liked the very random little short story I put up there. 🙂 Stop by any time you like for more random fiction as I tend to write out a fair bit of it.
    Also, it’s a very nice blog you have here, being a foodie myself I do appreciate food reviews and will keep this marked for whenever I’m in Chennai next!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot Shalzzz. I am so honored. I am so glad to have been nominated for this award. I will put up a post for this after AToZ Challenge 🙂


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