Amazon KDP & Tamil Self Publishing

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Two weeks ago, I had an amazing opportunity to be at the panel discussion hosted by Amazon to explore how online publishing has opened lucrative avenues for Tamil language authors. The panel comprised of noted authors Cable Sankar, Pa. Raghavan and C. Saravanakarthikeyan. With RJ Shruthi moderating the event and Vaishali Aggarwal representing Amazon KDP, the discussion was quite useful for regional language authors. Having had the experience of publishing on Amazon, I personally do know the comfort and freedom it gives to the new age authors, who would much rather prefer having the book in eBook form with a decent royalty over going back and forth with traditional publishers. However, what pleasantly surprised me was how the KDP was quite useful to even regional writers. The panel discussion enlightened the audience on how the publishing a book in Tamil is as simple as that of doing it in English.

Authors Pa Raghavan, C. Saravanakarthikeyan, Cable Sankar, a noted writer, director and critic and Vaishali Aggarwal, Lead, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, India

One of the things that I personally noticed at the event was that the audience were a diverse age-group crowd. From a girl, who was fresh out of college to a mother of two, there were people from different backgrounds and ages, united by their love for writing. With Amazon KDP enabling ease of publishing, and it’s safe to say that now publishing your novel is just a click away, we can see more and more new authors on Kindle. What’s more, a lot of these new novels published on Kindle are available in Kindle Unlimited. In fact, after the event, I amused myself with few of the regional language books, and I must say that the quality of content that you find on Kindle is quite laudable, which brings me to talk about the next pressing topic that was discussed – editing.

Amazon has an in-house editing, plagiarism check, and proofreading team, which makes sure that the end result of the novel you uploaded is of the best quality when it reaches the audience. Another thing that Vaishali highlighted was about the Amazon KDP Writing Contest (Pen to Publish Contest), which has some crazy prize money. Do check it out here.

The event was organized by MSL Group along with LBB Chennai at Writer’s Cafe, Gopalapuram on 9th November 2019.

If you are an aspiring author, irrespective of English or in regional language, Amazon KDP is definitely the right choice to begin your self publishing journey.



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