10 Mani Ratnam Female Characters That Need More Spotlight (Part 2/2)


Almost after a year, I am back with the part 2 of this post. Took me a long time to cover these movies and revisit these characters.

5. Meenu – Guru

Vidya Balan is one versatile actress. There is no two ways about it. However, when Guru was released all the movies did before that were Laage Raho Munnabhai and Parineeta. While I didn’t watch Parineeta before watching Guru, I wasn’t fond of Vidya Balan back then. And then came Guru.

The character of Meenu despite being just another character role fills your heart. Despite being bound to a wheelchair, Meenu is boundless and infinite. Be it with her friendship with Guru or her relationship with Shyam, Meenu was full of life and love. Meenu’s character is one of those that brings an instant positivity to even any dull day.

4. Sasi – Ayutha Ezhuthu

It was a tough choice to pick between the three ladies from this movie. While each had a well-defined role, it was Sasi, who made a bigger impact, IMO. The transition from lovestruck wife to a ruthless woman who aborted her child to teach her husband a lesson, Sasi was a goddess.

While watching the movie again, I somehow felt that the three women were like the three Hindu goddesses – Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati (more on this later). Sasi was Parvati – it’s a no-brainer. She was the soft, sensible wife of a ferocious Inba(the destroyer – Shiva). And when things go out of her hand, she becomes the equally ferocious Kali/Durga. Also, the bittersweet relationship between Inba-Sasi is something new on the silverscreen yet very common in real life.

3. Poorni – Alaipayuthey

Those were the times when Swarnamalya was one of the promising actresses who was used in amazing supporting and TV serial roles. I still remember my older cousins mimicking her sense of fashion, hairstyle, and even her body language.

While Shalini as Sakthi gave a stellar performance, it was also Poorni’s role that contributed significantly to the plotline. One of early those #SisterGoals for many people, Poorni’s character was so well-defined. Contrary to the pampered, yet a bit confused Sakthi, Poorni was matured, sorted, and extremely supportive. In the world filled with jealousy and sibling rivalry, the relationship between Poorni and Sakthi was something that was inexplicable by words. Honestly, I am a bit biased towards Poorni for she resembles my sister in both character and personality.

2. Bhavani – O K Kanmani

Yay! It was a super tough dilemma between this one and the one that is taking the first position. Anyway, Bhavani Aunty was such a favourite for most of us. In fact, it’s more like Ganapathy Uncle and Bhavani Aunty as a couple that made a huge impact on us than Adi – Tara.

Bhavani’s role was different mainly because she was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. And Leela Samson carried the role with ease – a gracious patient who had such a positive demeanor. Be it the light-hearted scene where she calls her husband old-fashioned or the heart melting moment where she asks her husband if she will eventually forget him, she was just brilliant.

1. Senthamarai – Iruvar

The other woman! Yes, the taboo. Yes, the most loathed tag a woman can ever get. And yes, she knows that she is wanting to bite a forbidden fruit. I am not gonna talk about if it’s right or not, but all I am gonna talk here is about the person Senthamarai is.

A literature fanatic, an innocent lover, a witty woman, a beautiful poem by herself – Senthamarai is a woman of thoughts and beauty. She is the elixir in the world of water. She is seductive not just by looks but also by her soul. How can one deny such a person. If I was a guy, I would definitely give away my everything for a woman like Senthamarai.

So, here we come to the end of the blog post. Share your thoughts about this blog. Also, share this post across with people who might love it.



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