AtoZ Challenge 2018 – #Bises #B #LesMotsFrançais


Today, for the letter B, it’s not going to be the conventional Bonjour, but a even more romantic than amour – bises.

Bises literally translated mean Kisses. Generally used as a polite and affectionate form while ending letters, Bises are also used in other sentences, like so:

L’enfant fait des bises à sa grand-mère.

The translation is: The child gave her grandmother some kisses.

Mostly, bises mean pecks on the cheek. In singular form is “un bise,” so it’s masculine.

Now, story time! Trying a drabble (100 words fiction).

His maternal uncle turned to the other side and signalled with his finger. He, with his accented Sanskrit and ARR tune, repeated after the priest “Mangalyam Thanthunane.” She looked directly into his eyes as he bent forward. A tear rolled down her cheek; this moment was worth all the struggles they faced. She knew that even in another hundred lifetimes, she will definitely choose him. And as he finished tying the knot, he planted a full kiss on her forehead. And that was their “you may now kiss the bride” moment. “I love you,” he mouthed. “Merci beaucoup,” she responded.

Until tomorrow,



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