Behind every strong girl is an amazing support system

Hello, everybody,

The first post for this year and I am posting it on the last day of January – LOL! I have been undergoing a lot of things and was feeling ambiguous both on professional and personal front. Although I am not completely out of it, I really wish to keep the blog more active, for this blog is my first baby.

Coming to the title, you might wonder what exactly do I mean by the support system. The dictionary definition goes so:

” Support system: a network of people who provide an individual with practical or emotional support.”


I was having a casual conversation with my mom over coffee when she said, “Sri, do you realize how lucky you are?”

I was curious as well as baffled.

While my friends and acquaintances are getting married, promoted, pregnant, and what not, I am right here where I was 3 years back, still snoozing my morning alarm at least 12 times before finally getting out of the bed.

Which means I am nowhere close to what people call lucky.

She continued, “You are like this ramp walk model. Everyone sees the model and feels ‘WOW.’ To make everyone go WOW, there are teams of MUAs, designers, stylists, and fitness trainers who just put their hearts and souls into her.”

She was right. I, indeed, have a great support system. By support system, I don’t exactly tell only about the people who lend me their shoulders to cry on, but also the ones who knock sense into me and the ones who are not afraid to call me stupid, when I act like one.

You might ask me, “Do problems really get resolved by sharing? Does having a support system help you in resolving problems?”

The answer is “NO!”

Neither my issues get reduced when I share it with them, nor does it magically resolves or disappears. However, I somehow gain a new-found strength and a lot of new perspectives.

There is a good, old saying: “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” However, in my case, the more the support system, the better I have always felt.


Most of the times, the worst issues in our lives are not the ones that need a solution, but they are the ones that need disaster management. Remember this scene from Sex and the City, where Big stands up on Carrie at their wedding. Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda just sort everything out – from getting her apartment back to booking packers and movers, from making her eat and sleep to going with her on honeymoon. That’s the kind of support system that everyone needs, and I am glad to have it.

dear zindagi

There was this scene from the movie “Dear Zindagi,” where the Shah Rukh Khan character says to Alia Bhatt’s character, “We try to do all the things that we want to do with just one person. We shouldn’t put that much burden on a single person. Have a friend you like to drink coffees with. Have a friend you like to have book-related conversations with.” (not the exact dialogue, but kinda the gist)

I have always connected so well with this concept. I have quite a lot of close buddies, and I love them all equally, but in different ways. For example, when I have totally lost hope on love, there are two of my happily-married besties, who are the Charolettes in my life. They just make me feel loads better about the world.

When I have work issues, I have people from similar fields, who tell me about similar issues and probable solutions that I can try. When I am overwhelmed, I have a bestie, who just gives her cynical views and brings me back to earth.

I have a friend, who just listens when I rant and pings me “Alive?” every morning. It might seem rude, but there were days when that “Alive?” message is what kept me alive. I have a person, who says, “I booked tickets for a movie. Coming and picking you up in 20,” whenever I feel low.

And, I know now that no matter what goes wrong and no matter what mistake I do, I will always have my mom and her filter coffee to make me better and friends who drop by my home just to make sure I am alright, whenever I call them with a jittery voice.

Of all the things that I have acquired in my life, my home team/my support system is the most valuable. Thank you, guys, for always being there! You guys can actually rule the world.


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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