My MilkBikis My Experiences – #Nostalgia

Recently, I received a box full of MilkBikis biscuits – the original one as well as the milk cream version. Seeing those biscuit packets took me down the memory lane. My earliest memory about Milk Bikis is the habit of mixing it with milk and eating like Cerlac. Trust me, it was better than any baby food, I have ever eaten. Nope, it’s not that I remember how baby food tastes from my infanthood, I used to eat Cerlac and Farex as snack until I was probably 10 (Shhh! Don’t tell my mom!)

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Anyway, coming back, Milk Bikis was my go to snack. Two biscuits in a half a cup of milk was all I need before hitting the dance floor every school evening. I still remember the quintessential Milk Bikis and I even felt bad when that design was replaced. Nevertheless, it still tastes the same – so no complaints.

Then when I was in probably grade 3 or 4, the Milk Bikis Milk Cream biscuit became popular. I used to call it the “Kannu Mooku Vaai” biscuit – Ah, the smiley! Since then, that has been my favorite biscuit. Now as I munch the biscuit after so long, I slowly walk down the memory lane.

What’s your first memory with MilkBikis? Lemme know in the comments below.


  1. I was also very upset when they changed the design. It really says something about what a company they are that they were able to weather such a change. For the longest time I didn’t even want to try the new biscuits because of one of my favorite childhood memories. When my brother was little he would nibble away at the Milk Bikis and bring me just the “A” in the “BRITTANIA”. He would always tell me that he saves the A for me because my name starts with an A!


  2. Feeling nostalgic about Milk Bikis is an Indian tradition. My mother has such memories, as do I and now my daughter has them as well. Even though she was born in the US, the first biscuits she ever ate were the Milk Bikis from the Indian store. When we lived in India for 3 years, she got into a habit of dipping her Milk Bikis into my tea and we would fight because I wanted to drink my tea when it was hot and she wanted me to wait till she was done with her packet! Then I started making a little extra tea for her to dip! We still do that here. Weirdly, my son is not a fan of Milk Bikis (there is some unwritten rule that they cannot ever like the same things because that might make my life easier). He prefers Nice biscuits with the sprinkling of sugar which is also another of my favorite. A couple of months ago, my daughter overheard that my son doesn’t love Milk Bikis and was just horrified! She told him that he shouldn’t call himself half-Indian if he didn’t love Milk Bikis!


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