About The Man of My Life

Hi, Folks,

The man of my life – how can I tell you about him in just one blog post?!

I have been with him for the past 7 years and never once cheated on him – that’s such a big deal in the current world where you get a lot of options by a click or swipe on your smart phone.

It was sheer luck that I ran into him one fine morning seven years back. Instantly, we hit it off. Without getting into the actual stories, here are the qualities that make him the guy that any girl wants.

  1. He gives amazing massages:

Be it after a hectic day at work or a fun vacation, all you need is some relaxation. I just sit on the chair and chill, while he takes me to paradise with his scintillating head massages.

  1. We share similar taste in music:

Trust me, finding a person with the same music taste as yours is so tough. And oh god, I found one! From A.R. Rahman to Pritam, from pop songs to Ghazals, he and I not only listen to same music but talk for hours and hours about it.

  1. He cares about me a lot more than I do about myself:

Are you drinking enough water?
You need to eat properly.
You must not step out in the sun without wrapping a stole on your head and face.
You definitely got to wear sunscreen.

At times, he sounds like my mother, and I just have no other option but listen to him for he is right.

  1. He makes kickass sandwiches and chai:

When I am at his workplace, he quickly makes club cheese sandwiches – just the way I like it. What’s more, his authentic Punjabi Masala Chai is something worth dying for. Sandwiches, Chai, Music, Massages – what else do I need?

  1. He travels and brings back cute, little souvenirs for me:

Enough said!

Are you wondering who he is? Well, he is my hairstylist! Yes, I love and adore my hair. Having and maintaining healthy and good looking hair is not a child’s play. While I do agree that some are naturally gifted with great hair, I personally believe that great and stylish hair needs perfect care. Seven years back, I found my hairstylist, who just adores and cares about my hair just like the way I do and sometimes even more.

So, the good news here is he is getting hitched (sadly, not to me – LOL), so I was wondering what can be a perfect gift for his wedding – that’s when I found Mehta Jewellery.

I browsed through their men’s collection and found this lovely bracelet that would suit him.


This blog is written for “Ride the Royal” contest organised by Mehta Jewellery for their exclusive men’s collection.
Visit www.mehtajewellery.com and browse their other collections as well.


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