Notes d’amour – #1

Thanks to the French classes and amazing love stories around me, I am back to writing happy romantic tales ❤

Love is a music that makes you dance, relax, contemplate, and relish. Here’s the first post in the “Notes d’amour – Notes of Love” series. Each story/episode will be named after a romantic song, I adore.

#1: Love Me Like You Do

Stretching her hands upwards, she yawned out loud. The aroma of Earl Grey Tea coupled with that of petrichor was pleasant. Sipping the tea slowly, she grabbed the newspaper to read about yesterday’s match. Even in the world of smartphones that gives her live updates, she preferred to read the sports page of The Hindu, whenever there was a cricket match, irrespective of she watched it or not.

He gazed at her as she frowned and gave a snort. He knew her well enough that asking “What’s the big deal if India lost a match?” would earn him a one-way ticket to hell. He never understood all the hype about cricket, leave alone adoring it. She, on the other hand, was, what they call, a fanatic.

He adored the way she bit her lower lips when she was deeply concentrating on something. It’s been two years, yet he still looks at her in awe every single time she does that.

He shifted his gaze back to The Business Times app on his phone and took a loud sip of filter coffee from the Brass Dabara Set.

Once she carefully folded the newspaper back and placed it on the rack, she gathered her long tresses and fixed it into a messy bun. As she went near him to pick the empty Dabara Set, he untied her bun in one swift hand moment. She raised her eyebrows in indignation and yelled, “Aaaadhiii…”

He never understood how her hair smells so fruity always. “You should probably go to the stand-up comedy show today. You love Kenny.”

“For one last time, you wanted to go for that Hamlet play, and we are doing that.”

“But…” he trailed off.

“I can later watch Kenny’s show in Amazon Prime. And, I might even make you watch it with me.”

“Oh yes! You are the sweetest.”

“Nah, I wouldn’t have come for the play if it clashed with the bloggers’ meet or probably a book reading session. Priorities, you see!”

“Oh, bloggers club and book club are on the top of my madam’s priority list. And, here I am thinking it’s me on top of that list.”

“Nah,” she shrugged, “you are there somewhere at position 11 or 12 – a position before Kenny. No, wait, you guys are sharing the spot. Since you make awesome tea and Kenny doesn’t even know I exist, you got the upper hand in this case.”

He pulled her hand softly, yet she fell on his lap. “In that case, let me work my way from down to top,” he said as he bit her lower lips.

One comment

  1. You are such a terrific story teller where romance lies in your pulses. Love how you weave character and the real hum drum of life, cricket or smart phone apps. That was brilliant stuff.


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