#Z – Zero Day by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller

Image result for zero day david baldacci

About the book:

Just in time I finished this book. This is my last read now. First book in the John Puller series by David Baldacci, this book is about an ex-warrior, who has an issue to solve. The book goes in depth to narrate his back story, and it takes its own sweet time to lay down the plot. The characterizations in this book, especially that of Samantha Cole is extremely interesting and unique. This book starts slow but gradually becomes a fast-paced read.


My sister and I were shopping for clothes, and we were in a hurry to go home as it was almost close to 10 PM. I ran into Starmark as I had gift vouchers that were expiring. As I was unsure to pick among the thousands of books, she picked this book and billed it. I am not sure if she has read this book or not. I still think she picked it because it is a Baldacci.

With this my #AtoZChallenge ends, and I would like to thank by friends and fellow bloggers from Chennai Bloggers Club for their immense support and motivation. Special thanks to Mahesh, for motivating everyone to finish the challenge and for extending deadline; Kishor, for special motivation to me – you owe me a book, I finished the challenge, see; Pratip, for being there, keeping a check on my progress, and for listening to me rant about nailpolishes and procrastination.

Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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