#R – Rising Tides by Nora Roberts

Genre: Romance

Image result for nora roberts rising tides

About the book:

This is the second book in The Chesapeake Saga. The story starts with Ethan promising to raise a troubled young boy. However, when Grace comes back into his life, he has a choice to choose between his past and present. The book is a typical romance novel in Nora Roberts’ signature style. While it is not necessary to read the previous book to necessarily understand this, it would be good if you could read Sea Swept before Rising Tides. One of my favorite quotes in this book would be: “The wounded recognized the wounded.” – This was such a relatable, simple quote.


I am not a fan of romance novels. Yes, for someone who keeps writing love stories, I don’t prefer reading love stories. However, in my post graduation days, I remember one of my classmates lending this to me to read. Just for the heck of it I gave it a try – obviously, I am the last person you must be asking for romance novel suggestions, but this is just one of the very few love books I read and didn’t regret.

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