Matrika’s Journals – There is one for everyone

Hi, Folks,

Those of you who know me will obviously know how obsessed I am about notebooks and journals. Keep Notes and Ever Notes may come and go, but notebooks that I can touch, feel, and write on are my favorites. I was pleased when I got this product from Matrika’s – It’s called the Creative Woman’s Journal.


It has four variants – glide, write, fly, dream. Available in two vibrant and two subtle colors – red, pink, blue, brown – the journal is an eye-candy. Once I received this journal, I was all the more surprised, for it is a beauty inside and out.

Here’s a video that shows everything that the journal has!

So, without further ado, here are the top five reasons in my opinion on why you need to buy this journal

  1. For the pricing – Rs. 450 – the journal is a steal deal. It looks amazing – the cover is sturdy and vibrant, and the journal is of perfect size.
  2. The quality of the notebook is impeccable. I don’t use ink pens, but a friend, who swears by ink pens told me that the paper doesn’t bleed while using ink pens.
  3. There are cute little coloring/doodling pages inside, so you can write, draw, color, and scribble your hearts out.
  4. There are some lovely stickers that are so amazing that you cannot resist using them – actual stickers – not the FB ones 😛 (I so want to attach the pictures, but I don’t want to put a spoiler – order the journal, and surprise yourself)
  5. The pages are ruled and neat – no clumsy organizer options – therefore, you can use this journal as a DIY planner, diary, travel journal, etc.

How am I using it?

I am using mine as a planner cum organizer to put my schedules and routines in place. I am using a lot of sticky notes and page markers for the same. I shall soon do a video or a blog on the same.

Will I repurchase it?

The current one will last for at least a year. Matrika’s have also sent me a variety of other journals. So, yeah, I am sorted for quite some time. However, I am going to purchase a couple of them to gift people, who will cherish it.

Do buy this journal and let me know how you like it!



Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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