#N – Nancy’s Mysterious Letter by Carolyn Keene and Walter Karig

Genre: Children Mystery Fiction


About the book:

Nancy Drew… Nancy Drew… Wait! Why am I jumping? Oh, because it’s Nancy Drew! Yes, like many school girls, I was also obsessed with Nancy Drew novels in my primary school days. The story might not make much sense if you read now in your adulthood, but it is a simple detective or mystery story that you can make your kids, nieces, or nephews to read. I extremely enjoyed this book as a child because obviously I was naïve enough not to guess the end.


I guess I read this book when I was seven, and this was one of the few Nancy Drew books that I picked for like 10 bucks each from an old book store near my place. The uncle there used to pick all detective and mystery novels for me and keep, so that I can collect it from him every week. The shop is now gone. I wonder what happened to him and the books :O

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