#K – Killing Joke (Batman Series) by Alan Moore

Thanks to Kishor LN for guest writing this. He is a budding YouTuber and a multi-talented individual. Check out his blog and YouTube channel.

Genre: Superhero Comic


About the book:

This is a 1988 graphic novel written by Alan Moore. The story revolves around (you can guess from the name) the Joker. This was my first graphic novel and I read it only in 2003. Though I was a comic book fan since I can remember, this was the first story that made me take comic book seriously.

The story is about the Joker trying to prove to Batman that all it takes for a man to be like the Joker is ONE BAD DAY. The story starts off with Joker visiting Gordon’s house and shooting his daughter Barbara (aka Batgirl) point-blank and taking nude pictures of her. Yeah! you thought comics were for kids?! Well, welcome to the real comics. Then he proceeds to kidnap Gordon and make him go through a series of torture. As the cat and mouse game proceeds with Batman trying to find the Joker before it is too late for Gordon, we get to see the backstory of the Joker, which is kind of heart-wrenching and humanizes the Joker. There are more similarities between the Batman and the Joker, both products of just one bad day. The story ends with one of the defining moments in comic book history, with Batman doing something he never does. I won’t spoil the ending here, go grab a copy and read it!


This graphic novel made Alan Moore on the top of my list along with Grant Morrison who did a wonderful job in “All Star Superman”. Present day movie directors don’t have to look far for good superhero movie scripts, but simply adapt the source material (duh!). I’m looking at you Zack!!

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