#G – Ghost Beach (Goosebumps) by R. L. Stine

Genre: Horror

Image result for ghost beach goosebumps

About the book:

Goosebumps series has been one of my favorite childhood reads. I have read close to 20 Goosebumps books, and while “It Came from the Internet” is my favorite, I am going to settle for Ghost Beach as this book actually scared the sh*t out of me when I first read it. A typical horror story with ghosts and zombies, this book is about Sadler siblings’ adventure in a graveyard. What starts as a childish play takes a serious turn when ghost does actually pop up.


My school library had a series of Goosebumps books along with a lot of other children fictions. I borrow books. They as always have 2 weeks retaining period, but I finish reading them in a day or two and go back for more. This book was one such read for me. In fact, I forgot the name of the book that I was googling for a while with the story to find out which goosebumps did I actually got scared of reading. Mind you, I was 7 – Right now, I am scared of only the demons in my head 😛

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