#F – Five on a Treasure Island by Enid Blyton

Genre: Children Adventure Fiction

Image result for Five on a Treasure Island

About the book:

Should I even talk about this book? Oh well, if I start I might not stop. For almost all of us – the urban bibliophiles – who started reading at early stages of our life, Enid Blyton’s works would have been our first. For me, this book was indeed the first novel that I read by myself. Four siblings/cousins spend their summer vacation together. They, along with one of the girls’ (oh George will kill me if she reads this) dog, go out on an adventure. This is the major plot of all the books in the series, but however, each book is so unique and so gripping.


I have a lot of memories with Famous Five series. However, I picked this book because it is the first book of the series and also the first book I have ever read. I guess this is one of the first books I owned as well. I have gifted my copy to a very close friend (who sadly doesn’t read much – LOL). Also, this is the only Famous Five book I own(ed). I read the rest of the series from my school library and by borrowing from one of my classmates. Did I tell you, I was five when I read this?

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