#E – Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Genre: Memoir

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About the book:

Where should I start? Okay, as most of you would have either watched the movie or read the book, the story is about Elizabeth – a 32-year-old woman who is undergoing a divorce. The book shows what divorces and breakups can do to a woman. Elizabeth is successful, well-educated, and smart. However, once she undergoes the stress of ending a relationship, she is devastated or, for the want of more relatable term, confused. She spends one year travelling – Italy, India, and Indonesia – where she finds three beautiful things – Food, Spirituality, and Romance.


One of my cousins was undergoing a bad breakup. He was not that close to me before that. During his breakup, he used to call me every single day. He kept complaining about how devastating it was for him. After all, getting heart broken by that one person who you thought would never hurt you is super painful, isn’t it? I spoke to him, listened to him, and asked him to handle one day at a time and not over think (which I really wish I follow now). He came out of it, went back to the ex, and then finally came out of it for good. Around this time, we found this book in Landmark and we read it. I was not undergoing a heartbreak back then (I was naïve and innocent, you see – LOL), so I couldn’t relate, but I felt the book was a pretty decent read. He, on the other hand, adored the book and said it helped him a lot. I so want to read this book now again.

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