#D – Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Genre: Techno Thriller

Image result for digital fortress

About the book:

Okay, this definitely is not my most favorite Dan Brown’s – it’s Angels and Demons. However, I so wanted to add a Dan Brown novel to the list of 26 books, so I am adding the one with female protagonist. This theme of this book is government surveillance and the security issues related to it. When NSA figures out an issue with its supercomputer, head cryptographer Susan is called into resolve the crisis. The book, unlike other Dan Brown books, deals a lot with technical aspects and less of mythological stuff. But, there still is anagram and the other trademark Dan Brown stuff in the novel. I haven’t read Deception Point, which is another techno thriller I believe. This book, for me, was a unputdownable pageturner.


I was interested a lot in cryptography and network security in my college days. While talking about Dan Brown and books in general with a professor who specialized in cryptography, he recommended me to read Digital Fortress. He told me that the library had a copy of it. I borrowed it the same day and read it. It was a quick and nice read. While I would any day call Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code my favorites, I love this book for the portrayal of Susan Fletcher and the theme of cryptography.

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