#C – Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Genre: Chick Lit

Image result for confessions of a shopaholic book

About the book:

I had to pick this book, isn’t it? Fashionista and stuff – being a shopaholic myself! Well, as most of you know the story revolves around the shopaholic girl, Becky. Becky’s life is far from perfect, but the one thing that keeps her happy and content is shopping. Isn’t it so relatable? Yes. However, her life takes a nasty turn when she loses her job, has bills to pay, and can nowhere go near controlling her urge to shop. How she puts back her life into a proper spot is what this book is all about.


One of my close friends – she is a perfectionist – she is the Monica to my Rachel – gifted me this book in college. She is the neat and organized one. She knows when to shop and what to shop. She saves, cleans, and reuses. I, on the other hand, keep shopping and shopping. I keep receiving posts from online stores. She asked me to read this book. I wouldn’t say I reduced shopping or gave it up, but I am at least a little bit in control of what I purchase.

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