#B – Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

Genre: Suspense

Image result for bloodline novel

About the book:

This is not my most favorite of Sheldon’s, but it nevertheless in the top five Sheldon books that I like. This book has one of the most classic plots that deal with cash crunch and a suspense that revolves around it. The story is not only about suspense, but it also deals with patriarchy, gender discrimination, adultery, etc. This book has one of the best narrations that I have read. Also, the characterization of Rhys and Elizabeth are something that is itched in my mind forever.


My mom thought I spend a lot on novels, so she had a restriction during my high school. She would allow me to only borrow books or buy second hand novels from Moore Market. While I was still dwelling in Harry Potter, Hardy Boys, etc., my mom introduced me to Sidney Sheldon’s works. Tell me your dreams, Are you afraid of the dark, and Bloodline were the first three books that she got from a local old books store for me to read.

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