#A – Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne

Genre: Travel Adventure Fiction

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About the book:

This is one of the first few books that I got from Scholastic. Written by the French writer Jules Verne, this book is epitome of adventure comedy fiction. The story is about a rich British man, Mr. Fogg, and his French valet, who take a trip around the world in 80 days. Just like how we plan a trip with proper itinerary yet end up overspending or screwing up the plans, Mr. Fogg also ends up in a lot of mess. This comedy of errors runs from UK to Egypt to India. A brilliantly written book that considers all the issues involved in travelling in the age of no smartphones, the book is a must read for all travel lovers.

My memories:

I was in Grade 3, and my school had a scholastic book fair. My parents would give me around Rs. 200 that I can use to buy English books (Dad always loved to speak in English). Most of my classmates were buying comics and coloring books, but those were a strict no from my parents. Having already read about 30+ books by then, I didn’t complain about the rules and ended up buying books every year. This was one of the first few books that I purchased in my life.

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