Don’t Marry Me

Dear boyfriend,

Finally, we are here – at the stage where everyone says we must move forward and get married.

At times, even I kinda hint you that being married to each other isn’t such a bad idea. However, as your best friend and girl friend, all I want to tell you is “Don’t marry me.”

Yes, don’t marry me because we get at least five wedding invitations in a month.

Don’t marry me because our exes are getting hitched or getting pregnant.

Don’t marry me because people say I am the one for you.

Don’t marry me because my mom or your dad wants us to be married.

Don’t marry me because your mom & I are compatible.

No, don’t marry me just because we have a great sex life.

Don’t marry me because our careers are good enough to start a family.

Don’t get engaged to me because I am gonna turn 27 and my “biological clock” is ticking.

Don’t propose to me because you miss me when we fight or when I am travelling.

Don’t move forward in this relationship because you see hopes in my eyes.

Don’t get married to me because we are loyal to each other even when we are on a break.

Marry me when I can see the same hopes that you see in my eyes. Marry me when you don’t mind waking up to a women sleeping next you most days in messy hair & silly night clothes. Marry me when you don’t mind hooking my back-buttoned blouse as much as you don’t mind unhooking my bra.

Marry me when you know that I am the daughter your mom yearned to have for ages. Marry me when you are okay with the fact that I am the girl your dad will take sides with when we both argue. Marry me when you can love my mom as much as I love yours. Marry me when you can be the younger brother that my sister always wanted.

Marry me when you feel the need to address me as family and not just as your girl. Marry me when you feel home around me.

Until then, let me be your girl 🙂

Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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