Open when you feel like it’s over


How are you? I am pretty sure you are confused or sad; else you would not be reading this now. So, you feel that it’s over between us? I understand. Yes, although it feels like a blow in my heart – I understand.

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I am not sure what made you think this way. Despite being inseparably connected to each other, we are two different individuals with different thought processes – well, my brain by itself has 100 thoughts in any given moment and no two of that agrees with each other. So, yeah, I get it.

If we were not perfect for each other, you wouldn’t be reading this. We would have spoken about our issues out loud and clear – we are frank that way. If one of us cheated on the other, there are high chances that we would have confessed – we are honest with each other. If it was the family, we would have sat down and had a discussion with them – we are a matured couple. If you are reading this, maybe it’s something inexplicable.

May be you are commitment phobic and I am ready to take the plunge or vice-versa.

May be you are in middle of a chaos and you didn’t want me to get struck in your chaos.

May be you feel that you are giving less than enough attention to me and our relationship or vice-versa.

May be you feel overwhelmed and suffocated – after all, even elixir can become poison after a certain limit.

May be you want to be single again – just for the heck of it.

Or maybe it’s something that I would not know of until you tell me.

Whatever is the reason – hold on for a moment, love.

I know we never promised together forever, but we are bound emotionally in this infinite love that we share.

Breathe. Relax. I know it’s hard – that tiny little voice in your head making you do the things that your heart may not want you to do.

I am not asking you to take sides in your mind vs. heart debate. All I am telling you is – take a break.

Take a break from me, from us, from the thought process.

I am not asking you to leave me yet. If you choose to do so, you are probably being selfish and insensitive.

Know that the relationship is us. While you have all the rights to step back and breathe in your own space – to keep it or to let it go is a decision that we must make together.

We live in a world where not only broken things but even perfectly fine things get thrown out or replaced. If you had replaced me, I wouldn’t be even giving you this letter. I would have just walked away, but if you are reading this, then you might have considered throwing our relationship away at one point or other without any strong reason.

Remember one thing – our relationship is not that iPhone, Kindle, or Treadmill of yours to be given away. It’s us – you and me. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in making things work. Let’s make this work.

We have a great chemistry, but our relationship’s foundation was not that. It was the inexplicable mutual understanding and respect that we have for each other. People have asked me, “Why don’t you push him to do the things you want him to do?” I told them, “If he doesn’t want to do it, let him not. I don’t want him to do things for me.”

I know you also strongly believe in doing things for your own self and not others. I know that I am not the centre of your universe and the vice-versa is true too. However, that doesn’t mean we have to let go of each other the moment one of us felt like.

Do you know – I have felt it too?

Yes, couple of months back, I felt it too – I thought it’s over.

I wanted to be single again – as I said too much elixir was overwhelming for me. However, I took a step back. I breathed. I went on a trip, and I realized that relationships that are as unique and special as ours are worth keeping.

Some days, it might feel like I love you more, and I am taking all the efforts to make this relationship work. Other days, it might look like you love me more, and you are investing your 100% in us. Irrespective of how it feels or how it looks – just go with the flow. When I love you, enjoy by being in the receiving end. When you love me, cherish the magic of giving love. That’s what I do.

Let’s be crazily in love and pamper each other when we feel like; let’s just laze around in pyjamas and watch Netflix; let’s make out fiercely just to satisfy our carnal hunger. You can be my boyfriend, my date, my husband, my friend, my fling, and what not? Let’s not follow the societal rules of naming the phase of our relationship.

Who said relationship should go from date to love to engagement to marriage?

Let’s go from love back to date or from love to being flings. When one of us wants to be single, let’s go ahead and be single in the relationship. It’s not that the other person is compromising, but it’s just that the other person understands.

Consider this analogy – we are in an adventure park. There are certain activities that needs team work like say zorbing. There are certain activities that need you to be by yourself like say valley crossing. That’s how relationship is too. Sometimes, we will be insanely close to each other and then there are times where we do our own stuff. I will not judge you and hope you won’t judge me when we want to single in a relationship at times or when we want to be extremely attached the other times.

Commitment, career, transfer of cities, and other trivial changes can be easily resolved with a discussion. These were never even an issue for us in the first place. However, what the issue here is – we giving in to our thoughts that we forget to realize that the other person is involved as well. Don’t do that.

Now, you may want to ask me, “So, does this all mean I can never break up from you? Isn’t that a together forever promise?”

No, honey! It isn’t. All these mean that let’s not tear one of us from the other when things are going fine. Bluntly put, let’s tear us apart together – it can be in a couple of months now or couple of decades later; or may be, we might never do it. Either way, moving away or staying together should be a joint decision just like how we entered into this relationship mutually.

Until then, let’s go with the flow and live by our own rules, for we are inexplicably us.


You girl who tries to understand you, even when you are unreasonable

One comment

  1. That which is destined to will happen!
    At the end of the day our individual choices define our future.
    Here two parties need to come to an agreement for the spark to remain ignited.

    Good luck and all the best as always!


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