My Health Date At Apollo :)

If you have followed me on Instagram, you might have noticed how much I give importance to my skincare and beauty. From using the right hair mask to wearing the perfect shoes, I pay minute attention to my appearance. However, what most of us, including me, neglect is that healthcare is more important than looking pretty.

You can look as pretty as you want – without good health conditions, everything will go in vain.

I have been contemplating to set up a proper healthcare routine for me. Around that time, Apollo Hospitals approached me with their Express Health Check-up Package, I was happy to take it. Without further ado, I am going to take you through my day’s experience, my learning, and my suggestions for the same.

We went to the Apollo Hospitals – Greams Road previous Saturday at around 11 AM. After a brief intro, we went ahead to the exclusive health check-up block. It was amazing to know that the block has four floors and runs health check on hundreds of patients on a daily basis. From Visa Health Checks to Pre-Marital Health Checks, there are a plenty of health care check-ups that might be useful to people from various walks of life.

We were asked to try their Express 3PM Health Check-up Package. Unlike other tests, this check-up can be done anytime. This check-up includes ECG, X-Ray, Physical Examination, Medical History, Blood Test, Urine Routine, and a Post Result Consultation.

The whole process ends in less than 45 minutes. Therefore, you don’t even have to take a day off. Just take prior appointment and walk in around lunch time, get the tests done and get back to work. The results are mostly given to the patients on the same day, and sometimes, it might get pushed by one day.

Do I recommend this check-up?

Yes, most of the times, we don’t even know if we are alright or not. I know many people who wouldn’t have even measured their weight in the past few months. I, for instance, have never kept track of my BP or sugar levels – I know I am pretty young, but these days, three year old kids have diabetes. It is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, it is wise to get yourself checked once in a year or so – your doctor would be able to give more insights on the timeframe.

Is this check sufficient?

In my case, it was sufficient. However, it might not be the same for everyone else. Based on the results, doctors might recommend other tests, examination, or consultation.

So, yeah, the health check-up was done – what next?

We headed back to the auditorium for a sumptuous lunch. The lunch was healthy yet filling – a rare combination I must say.

Post lunch, we visited the various departments at the hospital. One cannot obviously visit all the departments as the hospital is quite huge. However, we managed to visit some of the key departments like the ER, Cardiology Department, MRI Scan Centre, Blood Bank, Ambulance, Physiotherapy, etc.

Each department was a unique experience to us. Some of the learning that I took away from visiting these departments are

  1. Apollo’s ambulances are fully equipped, and if you call 1066 (their ambulance number) as soon as you find an emergency medical situation, you can be assured of a quicker service. With one trained professional per ambulance, even the worst of cardiac arrests can be given immediate assistance.
  2. Apollo hospitals have a lot of high-end technologies that would assist even the worst cases that medical history has seen. From cardiac arrests to paralysis, from coma to sports injuries, people across the globe visit Apollo mainly for its usage of advanced methodologies.
  3. The blood bank in this hospital is one of the largest. A talk with the team at Blood Bank helped us understand the various aspects involved in blood donation. We were also surprised to know that the blood bank here has an advanced equipment that will deduct the presence of HIV and Hepatitis Viruses in human body even before they start spreading the infection – so cool, isn’t it?

In most of these departments, we had a theoretical discussion where the top doctors explained us about the various procedures involved. However, when we entered the blood bank, we got a little practical. I got my blood tested for haemoglobin levels, and they also ran a quick test on if I was eligible to donate blood or not. Well, I indeed was!

Finally, we went to the physiotherapy session which was our most favourite. Apart from seeing the various advanced physiotherapy equipment that were taking robotic assistance to help patients, we also got our standing positions tested. We were told about how the weight needs to be distributed to both the feet equally and also in between the heels and the toes. We also came to know that there are treatments for flat foot using physiotherapy – interesting, isn’t it?

Without further ado, I wrap this post up saying a couple of things

  1. Periodic health check-up is mandatory for everyone irrespective of your age, sex, and medical history
  2. Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, has medical facilities that is not only on-par with international standards, but it is indeed a lot more advanced than most global standards. If you would ask me was this thought arrived from my single visit to Apollo, not at all. I have been a regular to Apollo for past few years now – across Bangalore and Chennai and I personally feel the Greams Road Apollo seems to be quite advanced and undoubtedly would be my favourite henceforth.

Are there any cons?

There aren’t any cons. However, two things that would bother most people are that the hospital is crowded and full most of the times and it seems expensive. A wise suggestion to handle the same would be to:

  1. Take appointment well in advance –trust me, this way you don’t have to wait and the process takes up very little time.
  2. Get a medical insurance that will cover for your medical expenses – most people from western countries swear by this rule, and it is wise for us also to get it.

So, have you been to Apollo? What are your thoughts?

Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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