Lazy Days With You Are The Best!

I woke up with a really bad headache – it’s probably the effect of the cheap liquor that I had at the Ladies’ Night the previous evening. Arjun has always warned me not to drink these free drinks; “they do nothing other than giving you a bad hangover,” he says. I looked around for my phone. It was on the nightstand near my bed.

*21 messages from 18 chats* read the WhatsApp notification.

One of the very few days I wake up to these many notifications. I generally have like 2-3 messages – one from sister, one from Arjun, and probably, one from Preethi. Arjun, on the other hand, always wakes up to 50+ messages. “Put your group chats on mute,” I tell him all the time. The constant buzzing annoys me all night, but he never listens.

Scrolling through my messages, I looked around for him. It looked like he wasn’t home last night. Kumutha, a Facebook friend, had sent a message reminding me to write something for the Valentine’s Day contest that we were participating in. We are part of the same online bloggers’ club, and it was supposed to be a collaborated event. She was my partner in this. It was random selection – neutral for me, but may be unfortunate for her.

She was full of enthusiasm. I, on the other hand, had been busy. She spoke about her Valentine’s Day plans with her daughter as her husband was in some other country. Kids have never been something that interests me. However, from what she spoke and her display picture, I deduced that her daughter looked beautiful and lively as well. Kumutha gave me brilliant ideas with romance as the theme, but I was hesitant. I told her that I will definitely come up with a Valentine’s Day OOTD post. That’s the least I could do, and dressing up was my forte. I quickly added that to my to-do-list for the day.

The door knob turned making a mild “cling” noise. It was Arjun, and I know it even before he opened it. I always open it with a loud thud, but he opens softly. He is the softer one among us in everything – yes, everything!

“Yo! You up?” He asked

“Yeah! When did you wake up?” I asked. I could have asked him where he was the whole night because I was sure that he wasn’t in the room, but I wouldn’t. One thing I learnt in my 2 years relationship with Arjun was to ask the right questions at the right time or to not ask at all. Also, I, anyway, knew that he will be telling me where he was. So, why start with an investigative question?

“I was out with colleagues – partying at Social. Got drunk and stuff, so stayed at Dad’s. What were you up to?”

“I was with Preethi at Illusions. Can you please make a coffee for me?”

“I will anyway make it even if you don’t use the P-Word.”

The coffee he makes is my second favourite. My dad’s was my most favourite. After his death, I completely stopped drinking coffee. Arjun insisted that I try his, and it was indeed good.

After gulping down a humongous mug full of coffee, I asked him, “So, what plans for the day?”

“Nothing! What about you?”

“Nothing either. FIFA?” I suggested.

I recently learnt the game from him and my brother, and I keep looking for opportunities to show them my skills.

Hours went by, and it was around lunch time. Generally, the cook comes in early and makes something for breakfast and lunch. I thought of taking him out for lunch and asked her not to come – huge mistake.

Both of us were too lazy to get up – or at least, I was!

“Pizza, then?!” he asked as if he read my mind.

“Pasta and Nachos from Fusilli Reasons,” I suggested.

The food arrived in an hour, and we stuffed our faces with it like some eternally famished people.

As we lay in bed, he burped. I shot a disapproving glance towards him. “What? I put up with your farting, and you cannot put up with my loud burping huh?”

I went close to him and bit his earlobes playfully. He licked my cheekbones and asked, “Is it possible for us to have sex today?”

“Of course, it is possible for us to have sex every day,” I said with a smile and continued nibbling his earlobes.

“Not that. Weren’t you cribbing about cramps like a day or two before?”

“Yeah, but I am alright now. Also, we are okay with making out during my chums, right?”

He kissed my lips and said, “Shut up, just wanted to make sure that you are not in pain or something.”

“And?” I asked nibbling with his lower lip now.

“Let me rephrase this. Are you in mood for sex?”

I kept kissing him and said, “Didn’t get your answer yet?”

He didn’t waste any more time once he knew the answer. After only-god-knows-how-many minutes, we lay side-by-side on the bed. Both of us hate talking after sex – especially, if it was good.

His phone rang or was it mine? Both of us have the same, bloody iPhone with the same ringtone, and none of us were interested in changing it.

It was mine, but the call was for us – the sister.

“So, what are you guys up to?” she asked.

“Nothing,” we chorused like a couple of school kids.

“This is what happens when two lazy bums are together,” she playfully chided.

After a few minutes of random talking, we disconnected the call and dozed off. Both of us were clearly tired from last night’s alcohol and this afternoon’s sex.

I woke up unsure if it was morning or evening. I checked my phone, and it was 6:30 PM. It was still 14th February. I scrolled through my Facebook timeline; it was flooded with people posing with her significant other, gifts that they received, and check-ins at various restaurants. I, robotically, kept clicking on the like button as I scrolled.

He pulled me closer. I kept my phone away and allowed him to cuddle me completely. He hugged me tight and said, “Make Yippee! I am hungry. Also, make some milkshake.”

I was hungry as well. I wore his tee-shirt – my comfort clothing – and went to the kitchen. With my limited cooking skills, I made some Yippee, Bread Omelette, and Strawberry Milkshake. One of few things I adore about Arjun is he is a no nonsense person. He doesn’t ask me to put in more efforts than I am actually willing to put. I have dated guys who would ask me to learn cooking some random cuisine because it is their favourite. Arjun is different – the first time I told him, “You have to put up with the fact that I cannot cook complicated dishes,” he said, “And, you have to put up with the fact that you don’t have to cook until and unless you want to.”

It was already 8 PM, and this was our dinner date. Some makeshift food, House of Cards TV series, and the lazy us!

The alarm buzzed about the dinner date and the dressing up I was supposed to do. He knows my reminder alarm, so he asked, “were we supposed to go somewhere for dinner?”

“No,” I said, silencing the alarm.

I looked at him; he kissed my forehead and said, “Do you wanna have a shower together before dinner?”

I winked, and both of us knew what it means!

Author’s Note:

The story is a fiction and a mild alternative version is being made into a full-fledged novel – my current WIP. Also, some real elements were added as this post is for a contest entry. Check out Kumutha’s Post (will hyperlink when it’s live); she is my partner in this contest. The contest is to write a V-Day post along with your partner. I wrote about V-Day without the L-Word – Yes, to me, a relationship is all about comfort 🙂

Let me know how you liked the story!


  1. You should make it into a full-fledged novel. You have the natural ability to tell a sensual romance that woos and win hearts. Trust me, the build up narrative, one-liners, and equation between protagonists are hot:)


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