A Forgotten Affair: A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

It’s been long since I blogged. Btw, today, my blog completes 3 years of putting up with me. With so many books pending to be reviewed, I am being a procrastinating princess. Anyway, coming back to the current blog – this book was sent by writersmelon for an unbiased review.

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Book Blurb:

Sagarika Mehta walks out of her nine-year-old marriage, meets with a near-fatal accident and goes into a deep coma all on the same day. After six months, she wakes up with no memory of her past. When she is discharged from hospital a year later, Rishab, her husband, whisks her away to an unfamiliar address in Gurgaon to convalesce.

There, in that plush apartment, with people waiting on her hand and foot, Sagarika can’t shake off the feeling that something is wrong.

Why does the scent of a particular cologne unsettle her? Why does the innocuous word ‘cheeni’ bother her? And why is Rishab so evasive in response to her queries about her past?

‘A Forgotten Affair’ is a gripping story of a woman caught between two worlds.

Stri’s Take on it:

The book is fast-paced and quite interesting. With just 200 pages, you can quickly finish this book. The story and plotline is very basic and something that we all have read at one point or another. However, as the story unfolds, the narration gathers your attention and keeps you engrossed.

While the story was a no-nonsense, simple drama, there were few irrelevant scenes that could have been avoided. Apart from these, the book is quite a worthy read.


  1. The story is quite simple and realistic.
  2. Narration is gripping and the story is fast-paced.
  3. There was no unwanted romantic drama involved, and the story was to the point.


  1. The major crux – walking out of marriage, coma, memory loss, etc. were so common to many tales that we have read.
  2. The climax was quite rushed up as if to wrap things up.

Rating: 3.5/5

Do I recommend? Yes!


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