To the guy I currently love…

Hey, you,

Yes, you, the guy I am currently head over heels in love with. No one will understand my love for you; people wish us luck to our face but may judge us at our back.

We can’t blame them. We don’t fit into the society’s square of thoughts. We have been in love with different people before. We have kissed different people before. We lost our ‘virginity’ to someone we loved way before we met. Neither we were each other’s first, nor we promised to be each other’s last.


This whole concept is weird to our culture. First love, then marriage, then kids, then adjustment… This is how the city we grew up in thinks, generally.

At times, we ourselves may question each other’s love. After all, we too are fickle-minded humans. There had been days I wondered if you love me more than you ever loved your first girl.

I am sure there had been days you wondered what I would be texting my ex, when I told you that we are still friends & we text often.

But, do you know what the beauty of our relationship is? Trust. I trust you with my life, and I do know that the vice-versa is true too; although, you never said it out loud.

You know what’s special about this relationship? You are not my first love. Yes, first love is overrated. Of course, I won’t deny that it is beautiful, but it is overrated.

Loving you took me all the courage I ever had. For to love is easy, to be loved is easier, but to love with a broken heart and to be loved by a broken heart are the toughest.

Yes, there was a plethora of memories, good & bad, happy & sad. Imagine re-living everything that you already did once with someone else. Love, sex, fights, travels… But, you know what the most amazing part was, you made loving again easier and worthy.

“You guys are perfect for each other” my best friend said. I couldn’t agree more, yet I corrected her saying, “We are perfect with each other.”

Yes! I strongly believe that we inspire each other to push our boundaries & explore more, both personally& professionally.

Thinking back, all the past heartbreaks, bitter memories, and countless tears were worth it, for it led me to you & you to me.

After a year, two, or a few, this post will throw up in my FB timeline as memories. I don’t know if I will come running to your room, while you are watching a YouTube video and show this to you with smiles on my face or if I will just read it all by myself and may be a shed a bittersweet tear or two rejoicing our old times together.

Either way, our time in our lives is worth every second of it.

Thanks, for being you & for loving the real me.

The Girl You Currently Love

**This story is a ‘piece of fiction.’ Any resemblance to any monkey, donkey, or human living or dead is not my problem. And I don’t give a F about it.** πŸ˜›


  1. “For to love is easy, to be loved is easier, but to love with a broken heart and to be loved by a broken heart are the toughest.”

    Loved it … !!!


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