Soul Of Seoul – Hilton – Veg Review

Hi, folks,

So, yeah, Vascos – Hilton invited us to review their Korean Food Fest that is happening this week in their restaurant. Hilton known for its quality had quite a good spread of Korean starters and Indo-Oriental Cuisine for the main course.

Here is what we had in the spread!

The welcome drink was vanilla-mint cooler. It was made of Vanilla, Sprite, & Mint. It was the yummiest.

The Salad with Paprika and Cucumber was quite authentic and good too.

Korean Brinjal BBQ – This was Baigan Ka Bharta with a twist! I loved this. It tasted good with bread.

Guess what this dish is? Well, it’s not tofu! It is mixed vegetable puree made into a jelly. You have to get an acquired taste to relish this.

The Seaweed Porridge was bland and just about fine.

This was a spiced green tea. The cinnamon flavor and the green tea tasted amazing together.

There was on-demand Pasta Counter & options like veg/non veg; red/white; fusilli/penne/etc.

This was the pasta that I ordered… Ha the olives and basil!

This chocolate dosa was a yummy dessert, which I didn’t taste, but my friend who did it, loved it.

The desserts were a mix of Korean as well as multi-cuisine.

Go ahead and try all of these now at Vascos – Hilton, right away, for the food festival is for just a few days.



Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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