5 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Big Bazaar Maha Bachat

Most of you know my preference for Big Bazaar. They are one of the supermarkets that have everything a shopper needs. From my hair curler to my cabin luggage, from my teddy bear to my long skirt, I got them all from there. They often give some amazing deals and offers. Here are some of the reasons stating why you must be shopping from Big Bazaar, especially during Maha Bachat.

  1. Your long weekend is there! Long weekend, no travel plans? Unwind with shopping for apparels, grocery, home decor, and what not! My mom is planning to do all her long pending shopping plans during this long weekend.
  2. Offers like never before! While Big Bazaar already has offers, these additional offers are an icing on the cake.
  3. 5 Day long sales! Generally most deals are for 24 hours! The Maha Bachat is for 5 days! The more the time, the merrier the shopping experience.
  4. Buy 1 Get 2 Free! Well, gone are those days of Buy 2 Get 1 or Buy 1 Get 1. Now, we have Buy 1 Get 2 in many products, especially for men’s wear!
  5. Offers on furnitures! Getting offers on furnitures is a big deal. Maha Bachat gives that! So, all the more fun, especially if you are moving to a new home or refurbishing your home post this aadi season.

What are you waiting for? Oh wait! If you have a payback card for Big Bazaar, your points gets accumulated too. Isn’t that amazing? Go ahead, shop till you drop, and then shop a bit more.

Well, don’t believe me? Check out for yourself with this TVC.

Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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