Mantra – Palace Of Good Vibes

When I was invited to review this store, I was skeptical. I cannot call myself a super religious person. I am part religious, part spiritual, and part pantheist. However, I finally accepted to review this store, and I am in fact glad about it.

Mantra, located right next to Sri Sankara Hall in Alwarpet, is a beautiful store that not only specializes in religious idols and articles, but also in many home décor artifacts. The two-storied store has a collection of artifacts ranging from lamps, kuthu vilaku, kamakshi vilaku, temple bells, religious idols, name boards, and other décor fixtures.


What Caught My Eye?

1. Large Idols:

The long, huge idols are a sure shot eye candy. They are beautiful; one can keep them in their Pooja Room for religious purposes or in their living room as a spiritual décor piece. My personal favorite was the large Buddha Statue.


2. Small Idols:

For people who do idol worship, these small idols are so lovely and affordable. Starting at as low as 2000 INR, these are so irresistible.


3. Lamps:

The big Kuthu Vilakus with lovely design are a sure shot winner. With quite a affordable pricing, the biggest Vilakus (almost my height) comes to 70000 INR.


4. Bells:

I always fancied the bells in the temples as a child, I wanted the same kind of ones at my place, the ones at this place are good and versatile. They can be used a spiritual artifact or merely as a décor piece.

5. Name Plates:

I absolutely loved their Name Plate and Door No. Plates collection. They are as unique as we are. This was my personal favorite:


What is their USP?

All their products are mostly made of bronze, and the finish differs from product to product. While some are finished with 24 carat gold, some are of antique copper finish. The products look durable and unique.

Do I recommend? Yes!

Will I buy from them? Yes, when the need comes 🙂

Have you already visited this store? Did you like it? What are your thoughts? Let me know in comments.


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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