How To Style A Saree?

Hi, Folks,

Saree is the best Indian outfit. Yeah, Salwars may come, Lehangas may go, but Saree goes on forever (pun not intended). I personally love Sarees; although I don’t wear them often, I love the times that I wear them. This outfit can be a bridesmaid outfit, sister-of-the-groom/bride outfit, or a simple wedding guest outfit.


The Saree had  pretty colors, and I wanted to highlight the Saree, so I kept the jewelry minimal. I am generally a blue, green, teal, or black kind of person, when it comes to picking dresses. Brown is something I don’t generally go for. However, this particular Saree interested me a lot.

With half-and-half design, this Saree looks modern as well as ethnic. I like Sarees that are easy to tie and makes me look chic. I generally prefer cotton, but at times, for weddings, I prefer georgettes and other silks. This Saree was just perfect. I liked the contrasting colors of brown and peach with golden highlights.



The Saree is from, where they have exquisite collection of Sarees, Salwar Suits, and many more ethnic apparels. With Sarees being their USP, they having amazing collections in affordable range. They also offer blouse and petticoat stitiching.


The blouse was stitched to perfection in a lovely princess cut. It was a bit tight for me, so I had to alter it. I would suggest people to give an inch or more than their original measurement, so that it will fit perfectly especially when giving online measurements.

I have styled this Saree with a large earrings that my sister got me from Hyderabad, and I have worn a fancy  handwork bangle set that I got from Jaipur during one of my travels. I love the richness of the Saree.



You can get this Saree or similar Sarees from Do you like this outfit? Let me know in the comments.


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