Smytten – Truly Smitten :)

Hi, Folks,

One of my colleagues recently suggested me to download the “Smytten” app. I was skeptical because I have a lot of apps on my phone that are pretty much not used. However, the moment I downloaded it, I understood that this is an amazing app.  Once you download this app, you need to wait for 24 hours to get an activation mail. I got the mail in less than four hours though. After that, you can go and start applying for free samples.


If you order 3 or more samples, there is no delivery charge, else you will have a minimal delivery charge. I picked Wella Reflections Oil, Wella Shampoo & Masque, and Fresh Look Hazel Color lenses. All the samples were travel size. If you pick perfumes, they are sample/trial size – 1-2ml. For the rest it is 10-30 ml travel size containers. Within 2 days of ordering, I received this cute package. I always like these cute boxes as I can store random stuffs inside this, and still make my room look neat.


The Wella Reflections Oil costs Rs. 400 for 30 ml, and the shampoo-masque together cost Rs. 375 for the 30ml (each) travel size packs. The rate of the one-day wear lenses were not mentioned. All these were sent for free (not just for bloggers, for all smytten users), you can apply for more free products once you review these products or when you buy a full size product from the site.


This app is truly my top favorite fashion and beauty app as of now. What it your favorite fashion/beauty app? Follow the blog to get the review of these product as and when I post it.



  1. I have never heard of them until just now. I must give this a try! Thank you for sharing.


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