Six Degrees – Game Of Blogs: A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

You know you are an avid book reviewer, and your review opinions are unbiased and that they matter, when you receive the book you co-authored for your review. Ha! Yes, this is my book that I have on my review table today. Before getting into the review, as an co-author for this book, some of the questions that I faced from my blog followers and friends were, “Why is this book expensive?” “Why is it not available in stores yet?” “Did you write the whole book?” “Did you edit it?” Well, to start with, this book is a child of 3 teams, each team had 8-10 writers. The book is expensive because it has not one but three 30,000 words novella in it. It is available in Amazon, Flipkart, and other sites, and it will be available in the stores very soon. Of the three stories, I co-authored the story titled “Entangled Lives.”

About the Book: Almost a year or so back, 300+ bloggers participated in a blogging event called Game of Blogs. Five character descriptions and a few other details were shared. The bloggers were put into teams of 8-10, and each team must come up with a story. 10 days to come up with 10 episodes. The best teams move forward to the next round. After 3 rounds, 3 teams emerged as winners and those stories were published into a book. This is the backstory of Six Degrees.

Why Should You Pick This Book: The book has same characters and a few similar cues in all the three stories, but they are all strikingly different. Some stories may start as drama and end as thriller. Some stories may start as thriller and ends happily. Each book, each chapter is unique as they were crafted by different individuals. When I first went through about this contest, I was a little skeptical. I wondered, “Wouldn’t too many cooks spoil the broth?” Well, seems like we didn’t. The book is definitely worth a read.

The Stories:

The Awakening: A close-knit family of three, Tara, Shekhar, and Roohi gets topsy-turvy after the arrival of their family friend Cyrus, and Shekhar’s friend Jennifer. The story starts at a slow and subtle pace, and it gradually picks up speed to become a full-fledged mystery. How the mystery unfolds and the knots get untied forms the climax. The story primarily revolves around the family, and the characters of each of the three members are well-defined. This story is simple with not much exaggeration, and in short a good, quick read.

Entangled Lives: With a stay-at-home dad & a workaholic mom, Roohi’s life is far from perfectly happy. However, things seem to change a bit after a murder in their household. A “stranger” Cyrus and a bold & beautiful Jennifer have got caught in this crime. Are they in a wrong time in a wrong place? Or is one of them the culprit? Each of their lives are entangled in a weird way, and the key to untie those tangles lies in the hands of a corrupt inspector. This story is full of surprises, and the characterization of the inspector is something that you will love and hate at the same time.

Missing: This is a story that I personally loved to read. It was quite a well-narrated story. As the title suggests, it’s about a missing person or to be precise a missing truth. Tara and Shekhar are yet another couple, just that their daughter is missing. Stories like these need powerful narration, and the authors didn’t fail to make one.

Rating: 4/5
Do I recommend? Yes.Buy the book here.

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  1. Hey, I’m really glad you liked reading the book. It’s an honor to see such great reactions from the readers.

    Love from team ‘By Lines’ (The Awakening)


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