Paper Boat – Drinks, Memories, & More…

Hi, Folks,

I am a person who loves watching TVC more than anything else on the television. However, these days not many TVCs intrigue me. I feel that due to social media being a major source for advertising these days, TVCs have taken a backseat. However, a few ads caught my eye in the recent past. One of those were Paper Boat Drinks.

Ad about childhood memories always strikes the chord. Coming to the product, I am so happy to have got this amazing box of memories to review.


I got two Chilli Guava drinks in this cute, pink box. I totally loved it. People who know me also know that I am crazy about Guava. It’s like my favorite fruit. I like it in everything, from gravy to Kulfi. This particular drink was heavenly for me. This was a perfect blend of Guava with right amount of salt & chilli. Yum!


One bottle is priced at RS. 30 and has 250ml of juice. They are fresh & thick. Also, the bottle/pack is comfortable to carry in our laptop bags/handbags. I don’t like plastics & glasses break, this is perfect.


There are a plenty of flavors like Aamras, Jaljeera, Neer More, Panakam, Anar, etc. My all time favorite will be Chilli Guava though.

What’s more these are non-carbonated. Yay! It’s a Sriramanavami, Grab panakam. Summer? Grab Aamras. Feeling full? Grab Jaljeera 🙂

Let me if you have tried Paper Boat Drinks. What are your memories with each drink?


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