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When the author approached me to get a review of this book, her debut one, I was more than interested. The first reason here is the title and the book blurb. Facebook Love Story is what she told me that it is. I was intrigued. While there are a few books on this theme, I haven’t read them at all. There was something in me that wanted to know how can two people trust one another so much just virtually to fall in love with each other. In reality, many do that. I, personally, cannot even be close buddies with someone whom I have interacted only online. Of course, there are a few exceptions, and to Preethi, the protagonist, too Sai Prabhu is an exception for they meet online. However, do they end up together is the question that shall be answered by the book.

The thing that catches one’s eye as soon as we see a book at the store is it’s cover. The cover of the book is casual and cute. It is more like a rough note, simple and uber cool. The book blurb too seems to be fun, and especially the title increases our curiosity. With quite a good expectation, I did start reading the book.

The story is pretty simple, Sai Prabhu, a casanova-kind-of-guy, falls for Preethi Kapoor just by seeing one tagged photo of hers on FB. Dreamy is all I can say, but given the fact that most girls’ FB accounts are filled with “fraandship” requests, it’s highly likely that love like these can happen too. I tag him a casanova-kind-of-guy because the author doesn’t explicitly picture him as one, but from the looks of it, it seems that he never had a steady relationship, but he was an eye-candy for many girls. Whatever it is, he does not act like the so called “fraandship” making guys, instead he uses logic and cool intellect, like a wannabe Hermione, and makes her befriend him. Does he fall in love? Is Preethi just a girl he wants to score with or is she his true love? Are all these lust or infatuation? Do they end up together? Is there a typical fiancee in the scene? All these are answered in the book.


  1. Detailed research: When writing a book on something that everyone knows, like Facebook, the stuff you write should be well-researched, and the author does it.
  2. Male Point of View: It’s a welcome relief to read a female author write from male’s point of view. I am tired of the books that are the other way round.
  3. The book does not deviate, and the book does have quite a crisp editing. No unnecessary drags or elaborate explanations.
  4. Despite being a debutante, the author has quite some serious writing style.


  1. The biggest and the only place where I felt the book went completely downhill for me was that, it was so sexist and stereotypical. A friend of mine said “without stereotyping, no stories can be written.” However, this book was mother of all stereotypes about woman. Sai Prabhu seems to know what message Preethi will send next, I guess he did a PhD in judging women. Also, the story is more about, “usko patana hai/avala madakanum da/I gotta make her fall in love,” than actually letting things happen. This was a big let down for me, but some people might not find this as an issue at all.

Rating: 3.5/5
Do I recommend: Yes! For a light read.
Bottom line: This story will definitely make a good movie screenplay.
Buy the book here.

This is an sponsored review, but my opinions here are unbiased.


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